what i wore ~ working girl...

It has been quite the week. 

I said goodbye to my two little four year old companions and entered the land of full-time working girl. 

Phew. I did it. I became an actual grown-up with an office and a desk calendar. Who knew it was possible? 

"Not I," said Mary "not I."

This week's What I Wore includes several outfits from my week. I tried to wear things that brought me confidence as  I enter this whole new world. I didn't take photos everyday because overwhelmed with adulting thy name is Mary. I have not quite figured out how to get a photo before I leave for work because my guys are already gone for the day.  Then the thought of taking one in my bedroom mirror with the disaster that is my bedroom behind me for the world to see was not an option this week. A girl has to maintain a little mystery here and there. 

All of these photos were taken between 6-8 pm. Some of them were taken in front of my day care shelves filled with disorganized toys and a few were taken in the front yard. So if my hair or makeup looks a bit off, just know it was fixed/applied ten hours earlier. 

#1 was my last day with my little wonders, so casual was the name of the game. Long sleeve navy tee and jeans from Nordi's, orange flats and striped sweater from Macy's. All these pieces were in my closet. 

#2 Both pieces are new. Yes, I said new. Jerry took me on a little shopping trip one afternoon to celebrate my new position. I was in desperate need of some dress pants and a few tops that fit into the "business casual" box. Both pieces are from Dress Barn. They were having a wicked sale and the whole outfit was less than $50. Score!!

#3 These are also two new pieces from the same shopping trip. The green top with lace sleeves is from Land's End and the black slacks were from Dress Barn. Both on sale, both can be worn with other things. The shoes and accessories are older. 

The key to making a business wardrobe work is to select pieces that are interchangable. Think of it in terms of a capsule wardrobe. Basic colors, staple pieces and then let your accessories do their job with creating different looks. 

One very big part of my job is to co-ordinate funerals. This means being appropriately dressed for both the meetings and the Mass. Black is most appropriate and as you can imagine I did not have a lot in my wardrobe. I am a fan of color but with new responsibilities come new wardrobe requirements. 

Enter #4. Basic black with a lace panel down the front. It is appropriate for work and for a night out with my guy. Again, watch for those sales. This number is from Dress Barn and was under $40 and is machine washable. My kind of awesome. 

So there you have it. My working girl wardrobe week one. I am looking forward to the challenge of my new job as well as actually wearing real clothing for the first time in a few decades day after day. 

Happy Sunday Y'all, 

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