digging out...

Hello from the frozen tundra known as Northern Virginia. Thirty inches of snow on the ground, a travel ban in place, the power still on (thank you Jesus) and plenty of football to watch. Not bad for a blizzard if you ask me. We have certainly experienced worse situations. 

I started my day with a little winter fun. I went outside and made an epic snow angel. You can check out the video on my FB page, twitter or Periscope (@marylenaburg). It was very cold. Never have I loved a hot shower more after that little adventure.

I had ambitious plans to re-organize and work in the house while it snowed and so far I have done none of it. Not one darn thing. I have however watched three movies, made some awesome beef stew and mashed potatoes and enjoyed hours of conversation with my guys, since all three of us are actually being in the same place at the same time. Such a rarity these days. 

Today calls for lots of hot tea, some great football games, homemade Macaroni and Cheese for my hard working boys who have spent at least three hours trying to shovel us out. Jonathan has to work tomorrow but Jerry and I are home thanks to some prudent calls from the local county government. 

It will be a few days before things return to normal here but we are on out way for sure. Jerry is not a fan of the snow for the simple fact that he has to shovel it. Jonathan thinks everything is an opportunity for movie quotes. For example his Braveheart "Freedom" stance. Those are my guys and I am blessed beyond measure that they care for me so. 

Miss Courtney made her presence known as well during this storm, the first one since she died. Jerry and I were lying in bed last night as the snow continued to come down and we talked about how different things would be with our girl here. We reminisced about how different our storm prep used to be. Heck three year ago we were in the hospital for the first snow of the season. 

This morning she was on my heart as I went out to look at the winter wonderland the Lord had provided. I looked over at our snow covered cars and noticed a beautiful snow drift. 

It was like Courtney was reaching down to us, offering a hand up. There is beauty to be seen even in the midst of a blizzard.

I just stood there for a few moments and talked to my girl, thanking her for her intersession time and time again since she went home to the Lord. I miss her. I don't miss the the worry and the panic when things went awry, but boy howdy do I miss the snuggles and the laughter.  

That's what's happening in our neck of the woods. Digging, digging and more digging

How about you?

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