instead of eating my stress, i decluttered. now what?

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I have written anything in this space. So sorry my friends.

Life has been busy and full of opportunities for crisis management, hence the silence. 

Last week brought a few challenges to la familia. First, Jerry was in a car accident on the way to work. Not his fault and we are still waiting to find out if the insurance company is going to total his car. Just a little stress. 

Then, the I was in a car accident. Yep. That's how we roll these days. One crunch after another. Again, not at fault, but stressful nonetheless. My car will be repaired next week. Until then, we make due with one rental car and one car with a very crumpled bumper. 

This is kind of how we both felt on Friday afternoon...


Amazingly enough, we kept it together and worked our way through the problems. I truly wanted to eat my way through, but I have been holding strong to my veggies and resisting the sugar. I praise the Lord above for keeping both Jerry and I safe as well as the others that were involved in the accidents. Amazingly enough, there were no injuries. Thank you St. Courtney for once again protecting your Mom and Dad. 


Crisis Management. 

We know a thing or two about it. Our Courtney taught us well.   

We stayed close to home this weekend (except for one little fancy schmanzy party, but I will blog about that later)  and worked our butts off re-organizing the living room and kitchen. This is what we Lenaburgs do when things feel very out of our control. We clean and remove clutter so we can think more clearly and breathe easier as we go through the stressful grind. 

We took down bookcases and went through every single book. I mean We ended up donating over fifteen bags of books to the library. Mostly fiction and boy did it feel good. We took down the bookcases in the living room, moved one of the chairs up to our bedroom to create a reading space for Jerry AND we did ALL the laundry. 

Did you hear that?? ALL the laundry!!

AND WE PUT IT ALL AWAY...despite what the photo above tells you. I took that one earlier in the day. 

We were on fire. 

Now that we have decluttered and moved a chair out of the very small living room, I am at a cross roads. Our plan is to paint the walls a shade of blue. That will probably happen in the next month or so (please Lord, please Lord, please Lord) when we have saved our pennies for the paint and supplies needed to complete the job. 

We have no company coming over (at least not on the calendar) so the fact that we could only comfortably seat four people before we ask you to sit on the floor, is not really a problem at the moment. The bigger question is what kind of furniture do I start looking for? A loveseat? Two chairs? A recliner? Another sofa?  

This project will be done with cash and only as we are able to save for it. After the lovely car situation, we had to use some of our emergency savings to cover our deductible, so we need to replace that first. Then we can paint and find new furniture. 

If this were your living room, what would you do? We need to use what we have first and then and only then do we purchase something else. So I have a khaki colored sofa, a khaki colored chair and ottoman, a red video cabinet, a blue end table cabinet, a cream (totally can be painted) dresser/storage piece and lots of new wall/floor space. 

Help me out all you creative homeowners. I need seating options and you know I love color. Give me your ideas, your resources, your creative minds.

Help me? Pretty, pretty please?   

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