jonas? no boris i think...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to shovel we go. Or maybe not. At least not until the snow stops coming down which could be a day away. 

Welcome to #winterstormjonas2016. 

Yep. I was underwhelmed with the name as well, so Jerry and I have renamed it #boristheblizzard. Much better don't you think? This storm is not taking any prisoners. I love snow and winter but this is a wee bit cray cray even for me. 

Six inches? No problem. Twenty-four inches and counting? Cray Cray for sure. Thank goodness we still have power. So very grateful for electricity.  More hot chocolate please...

Jerry and Jonathan had to climb up to unblock the main vent pipe on the roof which allows us to flush the toilets. They handled it well and I fed them a hot breakfast when they came back in. Thank you Lord for two strong men in my world. 

I have beef stew going in the crock-pot. I will serve it over horseradish mashed potatoes for dinner. Again so very grateful for electricity. My hope is that it will stay on. We are prepped with candles, blankets and peanut butter and jelly if it doesn't. 

I do wish we had a fireplace or a wood stove. I really do miss it from our time in Maine. Maybe one day I can convince my hubby to put one in. Until then it's fuzzy blankets, warm socks and layers of flannel. 

Speaking of which,here is a look at my Boris Blizzard attire:

Sexy no? I mean talk about pattern mixing? LOL! I keep it simple and warm when home. The leggings were a special order from Nell @wholeparenting. She is awesomesauce. I am usually always wearing an apron when I am home, being in and out of the kitchen so much. This beauty was made for me by the fabulously talented Kristin Foss. It's one of my favs. 

So that's what's happening here in Boris Blizzard land. What's happening in your neck of the woods? Are you in the midst of this insanity? Is it sunny and warm where you are? 

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Stay safe and keep warm, 

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