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As we continue to dig ourselves out of lovely Boris the Blizzard, my mind is filled with thoughts of the upcoming liturgical season of Lent. Yes. My job as a liturgist really has invaded every aspect of my life. Living the liturgical year is serious business my friends. 

Lent is a biggy.  

In my liturgist world preparation begins early in the summer with a discussion of what the pastor wants to do as far as making materials available to our parishioners (i.e. The Lenten Magnificat, or other materials), then there is a penance service to plan, a parish mission and finally we tackle The Triduum. One thing at a time.

What do I do for my personal Lenten Study? Well typically I do two things. I have really enjoyed the Blessed is She studies as well as Nell's @WholeParenting. They are short and make me think. But I like to mix things up and I get bored very easily.

So this year I am really looking forward to Elizabeth Foss's "Restore: A Lenten Journey to Restore the Hearts of Women" I don't know about you but I need a little rest and restoration at this point. 

I started a new job, survived the Christmas season in this new job and have come through the first anniversary of Courtney's death, survived my husband and son starting new jobs, had a car accident, survived my husband having one as well, and we have come thorugh Boris the Blizzard. 

I am tired. I need to make some changes in my daily routine for my health and my sanity. Most importantly though, I need to continue to enter into that sacred conversation with my God. The more I pray and read scripture and listen to his prompting, the closer we become. 

If I am willing to spend so much time building up human relationships than shouldn't I spend even more time with My Savior. 


Elizabeth has a way with words. It's her gift. It's part of her vocation to softly sit, listen and encourage women in their journey's. I look forward to walking this Lenten journey with her and some of her good friends. A few you know well since I have shared their goodness here many times. 

Ann, Ginny, Colleen, Danielle, Aimee, Sarah and Anne are joining in on the fun with Elizabeth to provide a wonderful, gentle and productive Lenten journey. I am so looking forward to this. I really am. I want you to join in the fun with me if you can.  

I know, I know, money is tight for many of us, myself included. It is well worth it I promise. If you can't take advantage of the full bundle with printables, e-books and podcasts for $49 not to worry, Elizabeth has made a bargain bundle available for only $15 with two e-books, two printables and two awesome podcasts

Y'all really don't want to miss this. 

This is my very first time doing anything with an affiliate link but this is something I feel very strongly about so  I am happy to be a part of Elizabeth's efforts to help women everywhere. 


So if you are looking for a little more interactive lenten study, join me with "Restore: A Lenten Journey to Restore the Hearts of Women". You will not be disappointed. Just follow the links at the bottom of each photo to register.

May there be joy in your journey,

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