one time i went to a fancy schmancy party...

Even though last week there were a few moments of stress (LOL) Jerry and I did get to go to a fancy schmancy party that required a bow-tie for my guy and a lace va vaa vaoom dress for me. 

Now, I don't usually have a reason to wear such a dress and since we are still digging out of debt left by our sweet Courtney's medical care, going shopping was not an option. So shop the closet it was. By the grace of God, the powerful construction of SPANX and the fact that I have lost some weight, I found this little number in one of my storage boxes on top of my closet. 

  Yep. In my closet. 

Miracles people. They happen every single day. 

I remember buying it a few years ago for a charity thing we were invited to and then couldn't go to because Courtney ended up in the hospital. It's from Nordstrom Rack I think. It's a Kiyonna dress that's very forgiving to the fluffy body type. Think stretchy...very stretchy. 

I paired it with my nude pumps and grabbed some gold drop earrings and we were off to the races. The food was awesome, the dancing so fun and my date, the most handsome in the room. We had a wonderful time and as we left I told Jerry we needed to get fancy schmancy more often. 

I mean a girls gotta sparkle every chance she can you know

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