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In an effort to get back into a blogging routine, it's time to jump back onto the {p,h,f,r} bandwagon. It has been waaaaayyyy to long. Let's get this party started my friends. 

Christmas Eve 2015 ~ SMOS Fairfax
 {pretty, happy, funny, real} 

Part of my job as the liturgist for my parish is to handle ALL the decorations within the sanctuary. This past Christmas I took my time in finding the right floral team to work with. With each liturgist our parish has had, they have brought some of their own "style" shall we say to the decor. 

I immediately thought of the florist I used for Courtney's funeral. I made an appointment (which was free since we had purchased small altar arrangements from them in the past) and had their design team come to the church, walk around and basically had a brainstorming session about what we could do. I have a very strict budget, so I wanted to make the most of it. 

It was awesome. We had a great discussion and came up with some wonderful ideas. I wrote them all down and we took measurements and I told them I would get back with them once I made my desicion.

Next I spoke to two friends who have some serious mad design skilz. One is an architect/interior designer and the other is a floral designer/couture wedding dress designer/interior designer. Yes, I am blessed with some wonderfully talented friends. Thank you Lord or I would be lost in this world. 

SMOS 2015
 They are both Catholic and so they understood the specific parameters of what was allowed and what wasn't. We discussed the fact that I attend a Marian church in which Our Lady is the patron. We talked about incorporating Marian flowers into the designs. I wanted everything in the sanctuary to have a story. Something that would tie it into Our Lady's story. 

I have to say, this is one of my favorite things to do as a liturgist. To evangelize and tell a story using flowers. I decided on using ivy, holly and red berries to incorporate the Passion of Our Lord. Poinsettias were a given (hello Our Lady of Guadalupe) as well as evergreen trees. The final component were small rosemary bushes. Haven't heard of the Legend of the Rosemary? Check it out. 

SMOS 2015
Some of my favorite memories of this past Christmas were the times I got to explain to the little ones what all the flowers and trees represented. They would look up at me and just be amazed. It was so lovely. I will never forget this little four year old swishing her hand through the rosemary bush telling her Mommy about how Mary hung the Baby Jesus clothing on the bush and how he must have smelled so nice when his Mama snuggled him that night. 

I do love my job. I seriously do. 

Now my mind has turned to Lent and the Triduum. It's a HUGE honking big deal as you well know. The HIGHEST Solemnity in the Church and my greatest desire is to make that sanctuary sing with beauty. I mean we will have Jesus back so I really can't compete but I do want him to be surrounded by beauty. 

Here is where y'all come in...

I need a little inspiration. I know there will be Easter Lillie's, Roses and Gladiolas. I need to have some green in there since it grounds the arrangements and gives them dome depth. What colors? Any special Marian flowers come to mind? Any legends or stories that go with them? 

These are a few arrangements that have caught my eye online...

This one is very traditional. White color palette, with lilies, roses, carnations and greenery. Beautiful but a little boring to me.

This one (below) has a very Easter Bonnet feel to it. It reminds me of every corsage and hat I have ever worn in my life. I do love the spring feel and bright colors represented. It's certainly happy looking.

This one is my favorite though and more along the lines of what I am going for. The colors are richer and it is easy to add in some white lilies to bring it into balance with all the other flowers that will be chosen. It reminds me of an Easter sunrise. I also love that there is a violet component, bringing in that Marian blue I love. 

So what do y'all think? You see the altar in the first picture so you know the area I am dealing with. Let your inner designer go and talk to me about what you would love to see. What would help you feel closer to the Lord in a sacred space? What would distract you? 

Help a liturgist out what do you say?

Comments and emails welcome. Bring it on.

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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