day to day reality...

alarm goes of at 5:45

jerry hits the snooze button

alarm goes off at 6 am

jerry groans and gets up

mary groans and gets up

mary and jerry shower, dress and it's off to work

jerry drives two hours to work

mary drives 20 minutes

there is coffee, eggs or oatmeal
mary works. jerry works. 

mary comes home. jerry comes home. 

mary gets in her pajamas as fast as she can. 

jerry grabs his sweats as fast as he can. 

we may or may not see, speak or hug our son between his two jobs. 

mary makes, re-heats, orders, drives-thru or whatever dinner. 

we watch one show. 

mary brishes her teeth

jerry brushes his teeth

we go to bed. 

it's 9pm. 

by 9:30 we are asleep. 

this is the day to day reality of our lives right now. it's not exciting. it's not glamorous. it's actually quite boring but we are both extremely grateful for our jobs and the opportunity to make our way out of debt. 

this is why this space has been quite. I am not really sure what to write about. I really don't have anything to say. I know, amazing right. 

Mary with nothing to say.  

I guess there is a first time for everything. 

Not to worry friends...I am sure this phenomenon won't last long and I thank you for your love and patience while I figure out what to say. 


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