know you are flowers required...

"love me when i least deserve it because it is when i most need it"
swedish proverb

Valentine's Day is not one of my top ten holidays. 

I feel like it's too manufactured, too commercial. I do love hand written notes and flowers though. Chocolate is always welcome but I appreciate it when it comes throughout the year, when my beloved actually surprises me. The unexpected is so exciting don't you think?

Why does it have to all come in one day? Why must one "show" their love in such a commercial way? 

My husband loves me no matter what. The good the bad and the hormonal banshee. You know what's even better though? 


HE LOVES YOU TOO!! And...he doesn't need a Hallmark Holiday to prove it. 

Here is what I wish for you know you are loved even if no one brings you flowers. To know that you have worth even if there is no greeting card. To know that you are the daughter/son of the Most High King and he LOVES YOU!!

Happy Sunday Y'all!!


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