This is the post that Mary authorized in her absence...

Greetings and Salutations, Mary's friends! 

My name is Heather Renshaw, and I am playing the part of your friendly neighborhood pinch-hitter for ye old Passionate Perseverance blog today!

You may be wondering - where in THE heck is Mary??! Here are some plausible explanations for her absence:
  1. Dainty Cate is treating Mary to a week away at a full-service spa in Malta
  2. Pope Francis has requested Mary's presence at a private meeting at the Vatican this weekend
  3. Cajun Texas Mom sent her a week's supply of body wash and Folger's coffee via Amazon Prime Now and sent her on a mission to make homemade doughnuts in Ecuador
  4. Rakstar Designs' owner is providing Mary with some private crafting lessons featuring alpaca hair and pastels for the Zelie & Co. shop at an undisclosed location
Sadly, the truth is slightly less exciting than any of the above postulations. But to answer your burning inquiry - Why in the WORLD would Mary allow someone to take over her blog??! - well, to sum up, Mary is exhausted.

As you've undoubtedly read in this space, last week was Holy Week with all its glorious liturgies and celebrations. There has been quite a lot going on in the world of our dearest Church Lady, including vacuuming and funerals and burying chrism oil and ironing vestments and whatnot, and then, to top it off, Grouchy Historian took ill with a man cold-slash-flu.

It's all been a little much, you know? And I think we'd all be the first to agree that it is just not a big deal if Mary takes a small break, right? Amen?

Personally, I pray she is passed out in bed resting with the peace of sweet baby Jesus and all the saints until she is good and ready to wake up, and I know you'll pray for the same.

But Mary cares about y'all so much she asked me to fill you in so you don't worry! Always the caretaker, that one. She will be back soon (especially if NOT coming back means you'll have to read any more of my dribble).

Until Mary awakes from her slumber, here are some things you should know:
Okay ... I think that is it for now. I just burned the chickpeas I was roasting and I'm 15 now about minutes late to pick up my children from school (sorry, kids!), but at least now y'all know that, indeed, Mary is fine - just fine - she is simply taking a quick break. And hopefully I haven't broken her blog or bored y'all to tears.

It's been lovely to be with you - many Easter blessings to you and yours!


PS - In case you're still scratching your heads and doubting that this post is legit, here's proof that I have actually met (and had a cocktail with) Mary:

And, secondly, Mary will be joining me and some other folks (including an actual Archbishop and everything) at the 5th annual Catholic Women Rejoice conference here in Portland, Oregon this summer. 

Here's proof of that:

If you still don't believe me, well, I don't know what to tell you, but I will pray for you because that's what God says I am supposed to do when I get exasperated.

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