catching up with what i wore...

You gotta love this quote from Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite style icons. Such a beautiful truth my friends. 

I am now on Day Six of this fabulous flu adventure and I actually felt better this morning. I got up and showered, put in a load of laundry, took all my meds and didn't pass out in the process. Please Lord let this be the beginning of being over this horrid sickness. Pretty please???

Since I had some brain power this morning and I can't make the washing machine go any faster I though i would check in and maybe do a little catching up here in my little corner of cyber space. It's been almost three months since I have have done a What I Wore post. 


Holy floral pattern! This is not acceptable my friends. So sorry. I really do need to find a better way to take daily outfit shots. I don't have a full length mirror in my house and taking photos at my work place would not be kosher, so I need to figure that out. 

cardigan sweater from Land's End, shoes JCrew (2012), jeans Lands End (2014), lace crocheted tank top from Dress Barn (a gift), and rope pearls from Charming Charlie.         
 Anyway, since the sun is shining, spring is springing and before you know it we will be talking walking shorts vs cropped pants and how best to make a summer pedicure last, let's crank through some of my late winter outfits shall we? 

The above casual number I wore to work one Friday in February when the weather was warm and I thought Spring had come early. I have since found out that the weather in NoVa can lie. It snowed the next day. Seriously, like six inches. But I enjoyed the folded jeans and cardigan sweater while I could. 

Next up is my favorite Navy blue wool coat, by Jessica Simpson that I have had for at least two years. This particular Sunday I paired it with my burgundy shawl sweater and black cotton dress from Land's End along with fishnet stockings. I know I stretched myself that day. Not a typical combo for me. But I think it worked. 

Last up we have a selection of outfits form the last few weeks, both casual and dressy. From left to right we have dress from Eloqui, tights and my boots again, in the middle we have skinny jeans from Talbots and a cotton jersey flowered tunic top from Lands End. In the final photo to the right is one of my "funeral" outfits. A Black and white empire waist dress from Dress Barn and a grey cardigan from Lands End. You can see I wear that rope of pearls from Charming Charlie's quite often. Classic pieces work with many different styles my friends, casual or dressy.

Well, that's all I have for now. I am looking forward to the return of warmer weather. It feels like winter has taken it's toll on me and the thought of more sunshine and a return to front porch sitting and sweet tea sipping is just what this gal needs. 

I have been pursuing the catalogs for the new spring lines and am happy to see so much color and pattern play in various lines. Always exciting to see the paths where the fashion gurus wish us to travel. 

Until next time, 

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