my sunday best - vol 7...bold...

Summer has unleashed her hot and humid weather here in NoVa. As y'all know I am a fall/winter girl. I love the crisp cold air. Hot and humid is not my cup of tea but one must soldier on. Dresses and skirts are the staple of my summer wardrobe. As always, color and bold print are front and center. 

This morning I went with a scuba pencil skirt with a wide striped, bold graphic print. I paired it with a solid emerald green top with a long bow tie. I realized once I was at work that the green's didn't really match but at that point I can't change. I just smile and make it work. Confidence in what you are wearing is your best accessory my friends. Always. 

The second outfit I wore earlier this week to work. I love plaid. This Lane Bryant blouse is a lightweight cotton in a bright orange buffalo check with a white cami underneath. I don't usually go for such a large scale check but not that I have lost some weight, I can tuck things in. That makes all the difference. 

I paired it with a Navy blue cotton pencil skirt from Talbots that I've had for three years at least. My weight has gone up and down by about 15 pounds in the last three years, so I have two different sizes in my closet right now. I am hoping by the end of the summer to have just one. This whole weight loss thing is a journey through grief for me and I am taking my time. Slow and steady wins the day. 

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Have a great week! 

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