My Story...
August 2013 - Courtney turns 21!

My Story:
Everyone has a story, and this one is mine. Except mine is still in first-draft mode and is currently being edited for submission. So as you read, please remember this is an unedited version of the journals I've kept throughout the years. 

This is the messy, scribbled story of my heart.

And yes, I know there are misspellings, funky commas, and participles dangling off the cliffs. But since I am still living this story, I've left those issues for my critique partner and future editor. 

Luckily, they both love me.

Thank you for stopping by and honoring me with your time. I pray the words you find here encourage you and show you that God is good...ALL the time.


Thank you for visiting my little corner of cyberspace. May you always feel welcome here.
Blessings and Grace,


  1. Oh Mary, I am so happy that I have been given this opportunity to glimpse into your life. I get a pre-curser into your story. What a blessing you are!

  2. Oh Mary, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to get this glimpse into your life. What an amazing story and testimony!

  3. I just wanted to say, your story made me cry multiple times. God really speaks through your life, all of it, the good and the bad. When I read your story, I see the face of Jesus...

    1. Blessings Hannah and thank you. God is so very, very good!

  4. My prayers are with you, Jerry, Jonathan and of course Courtney. I was just introduced to your blog. Thank you. Don't ever, ever say you can't write. God guides your pen. Anyone who can have me crying tears of joy the way you do can write. You present God's message more eloquently than I have ever seen. Than you, thank you!
    Karen Frank


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