45 and fabulous!!

Today, September 25 is my honey bunny smoochy pie's birthday. She is a fantastafabulous 45 years young!  Yes, it is I, Master of Bacon, Sultan of Snark, taking over the wife's blog for the day.  (Hi Sweetie!)

Yes, today is the day I tell you how much I love my baby...the sweet and innocent ;) girl I married many, many years ago.  Yes, those were the 80's...the era of preppie, button down shirts, shoulder pads...and hair!!!

Summer of 1987...a year before we were married...
yes...I still had hair! We were fun then....
Now, of course, there's not so much hair...but even more love for my snookem's than ever.  She has stood by me through good times and bad, many moves, four deployments, lots of hospital stays, and all the challenges that life has thrown our way for almost 25 years.   She loves me in spite of my faults and foibles and I know she always has my back.


and now....

A Birthday poem between my sweetie and me…apologies to Dr. Seuss.

Mary: I’m forty-five………I’m forty-five…I do not like I’m forty-five!

Jerry: Why don’t you like forty-five…after all you’re still alive!
Why don’t you like it…if you may, why don’t you like it, won’t you say?

Mary: I do not, do not like my hair’s turned gray, I just want to make the gray away!

Jerry: You do not, do not like the gray?  But you have earned the gray I say!
You are so cute with all your gray…like a sliver fox in sox who still rocks, I say.
After all you should be all cheerful, for it’s not the sun on your head makes your fearful!

Mary: I do not, do not like my clothes…they make me want to hold my nose…when did I have to stop wearing Talbots….for fear things would spill out-awts…..I may need my Lane Bryant…but it’s really Tommy Hilfiger I want to try-ant….

Jerry: You will not, will not ask, my dear, that question that all men do fear,
The question that makes each man sweat.. “Do these jeans make my butt big yet?”

Mary: But I am not cool…I’m really dowdy…I am the person people call when groups get rowdy. 
I think I have become…the fearful ruler-wielding nun!

Jerry: My dear you should not worry how people yammer…after all I think you’re so cute as “The Hammer.” 
You should not worry what they say…after all you can pummel them away.

Mary: But, after all, what would I be…without my rolling pin and flour you see? 
I bake, I cook, and that’s all dandy, but am I more than cotton candy?

Jerry: My dear you are a baker and a chef that’s dandy…and so much more than fluffy candy.
For you have so many culinary skills, there’s no mistakin’…and what really makes you special is your ode to bacon.

26 years after that fateful blind date...you still make my heart go "thump...thump..."

Mary: But what about me first caught your eye?  Was it my fashion and my quick wit you spied?

Jerry: I must confess it was your fashion…those heals, that look…it started my passion.  And one more thing I must confess…you were so tall it was sumpin’…it made my heart start jumpin’….

Mary: Tell me, tell me so much more…tell me why you love and adore….

Jerry: How can I confess my love you say?  Let me tell you all they ways. . .

I would love you in a mall where you ask “Do you like these shoes?”
I would watch the five disk Pride and Prejudice without trying to snooze.

I would always remember how you like your coffee prepared,
Even though saying “Whole milk, two raw sugar latte” is really weird.

I would let you feed me tofu and turkey bacon
OK...forget that...I was mistaken.

I will love you through menopause, although I must confess,
That your daily hot flashes give new meaning to the term “Hot Mess.”

Though you use confusing terms, I would love you more each day  
As you spout about Pencil skirts, boat necks and that leopard print- “Oy vey!”

I would watch you hold your daughter,
And remember what really matters.

I would remember all our happy days,
Before my memory becomes a haze. (Hey, I’m not getting any younger either ya know)

I would thank my lucky stars..
You are here…and not too far….
For everywhere I go you see.

I am so happy, happy that you love me.

Happy Birthday my Beloved...the one who holds my heart...and my stomach...
I love you more than green eggs and ham,