five favorites...vol. 1...

This is my first time participating in the fun little meme hosted by the fabulously stylish and wonderful Halle Lord @ Moxie Wife.

~ #1 ~
This moment...this moment for a Mama of a daughter with cerebral palsy, who is blind with a seizure disorder, this moment I will never forget. Papa Francis kissing and holding sweet Dominic. He has chosen to embrace the "least of these" those who are sick, suffering and are disabled. My heart swells with the love I feel for my daughter and those who are like her. 

You can read the story here...just so beautiful...
I am one blessed very blessed Mama. Miss Courtney and Dominic teach the world lessons of patience, perseverance and much love...

~ #2 ~ 
I love my crock pot. You put a bunch of stuff in and five to eight hours later...tah dah...magic have a meal ready to go. 

Pillsbury Crock-Pot Chicken Marsala - recipe here...

This week I am making this...doesn't it look so scrumdidlyumptious?? Hallah...Marsallah in the house!! Woot! Woot!

~ #3 ~
I have been searching for the perfect shade of lipstick to wear this spring and summer. I think that this is it. "Candy Yum-Yum" Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics. How fun is this color?? What's you favorite color of lipstick?

~ #4 ~
I found this fabulous website that has a ton of tutorials for "refashioning" clothing. It's called the Renegade Seamstress and she is da bomb! These tutorials are awesome and quite easy to follow. I am going to be working on the skinny jeans this weekend. I have lost enough weight that the ones I have still fit at the waist but the legs need trimming. Loving the fact that I can save a little money and wait to buy new jeans until the tummy shrinks a bit more. 
Thanks Deb for sending me the link. 

~ #5 ~
I found this fabric the other day and am in love with it. I love the color, I love the "weave" and I think it would make a fabulous pencil skirt for spring and summer. Of course I have never made a pencil skirt for myself before but I think I could figure it out. 

Your thoughts??
(you can find it here) five favorite things for this week. That was fun. thanks for joining in. Head on over to Moxie Wife and check out what others around the net are loving right now. See you next Wednesday!