pudding anyone???

Today was Courtney's video swallow exam to determine if she could continue to eat by mouth. I got up an hour earlier than on Monday so we would NOT be late. We prayed the Rosary on the way. I was calm but could not get rid of the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Courtney coughs to protect her airway and she has been coughing a lot lately, a clear sign that she is aspirating fluid into her lungs.  

After we finished the Rosary, I put on Kari Jobe and we sang our way into DC. Her song "Healer" has become our theme song this summer. Every time Jerry and I  thought we could not take another step, you prayed for us, God nudged us and somehow we kept going. Truly by His grace alone. 

When we arrived at the hospital, everything went smoothly. After our experience on Monday, I was watching, listening and waiting for God to direct Courtney and I. He did not disappoint. We were surrounded by joy today. There was a little boy named D, who has downs syndrome. He was wearing the boldest, bluest little eyeglasses and he radiated utter jubilation. He giggled and squiggled while his Mommy just loved all over him. Then there was another little boy with Downs who loved cars. He was making all kinds of car noises, happily passing the time while waiting for the doctor. 

There were two other boys with physical disabilities, both 6, who chatted about their favorite things. Then one helped the other with a small task. I could not stop smiling. I was in a room filled with God's special little people. How can anyone look at precious children and see anything but God's perfection! What a wonderful way to spend our time waiting for the technician. Courtney and I prayed quietly for each and everyone in that waiting room. We prayed for their Mommies, their siblings, for a positive result for their tests. No one was crying or even grumpy. Every single child in that room had a smile on their face. What a difference two days makes. The power of prayer strikes again.

After a short wait, they called us back. The speech therapist, radiologist and nurse could not have been more helpful. It only took a few moments to get Courtney settled and we were off to the races. Five minutes later we had our answer. Pudding anyone? That's right...WOOT!WOOT! Courtney passed the test! She will continue to eat oatmeal consistency foods by mouth! OH YEAH!!! There were smiles all around and Mommy even shed a few tears. 

Once again, God has granted our Courtney another miracle. I am just speechless. I really thought she would fail it. Relieved doesn't begin to describe how I feel. I want to thank every single one of you would said a prayer, offered a Mass or took part in our Divine Mercy Novena. We are humbled and eternally grateful for all you have done for our girl. Without you, this journey would be unbearable. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Please take a moment today to send up a prayer of thanksgiving to Our Heavenly Father who has been so generous to us. My plan for the evening? I am off to make some chocolate pudding for my favorite blonde. That's right pudding for everyone tonight!!

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