small successes (vol.3)...

The summer is quickly coming to an end. It's hot and tempers are a little short in my house. I am praying for patience and perseverance as my "to do" list grows. Today I will celebrate my very small successes for this week. Check out Faith and Family LIVE! for more success stories.

#1. My living room is becoming the staging area once again for all things Franciscan University. J returns to school next weekend and the packing has begun. We have been working successfully as a team to determine what really needs to go to school and what will stay here. His dorm room is small and he is not the most organized person on the planet. So we want to plan for success from the very beginning. Good choices now, less clutter in Ohio.

#2. I have washed and folded ALL the laundry for the week. I really did it. There are no clothes hanging on the backs of chairs in the living room and the laundry baskets are all empty. It truly is a miracle!

#3. On Monday, Courtney and I prayed for a sweet little one at Children's Hospital. By the time you read this we will be back at the hospital for Courtney's video swallow test. I will keep an open mind and hope God will chose to direct us in a meaningful manner. Wherever He leads me, I shall go. 

Thanks for stopping in and sharing my very small success's. Have a blessed week!