7 quick takes friday (vol. 8)

Since returning from T.O.B. I have noticed that both Jerry and I are much faster at resolving an argument or disagreement than before. We are motivated to stay in a positive place with one another. We were talking the other night and he shared the realization that we cannot do anything without God at our side. I have never heard him verbalize this before. His personal growth has just soared in the last few weeks. God is moving HUGE mountains in his heart right now and it is awesome to watch. I have to remind myself that people don't just change over night. I have my own mountains to climb and battles to fight. Everything takes time so we need to be extra patient with one another while we go through this time of transition and grow as a couple. I am just so grateful for this teaching and pray that Christopher West and those working with him will continue to evangelize the world with JPII's message of dignity and love.

I have kept up with the exercise walking three out of five days this week. I have really enjoyed the time praying and praising God for all of the tremendous blessings in my life. It has helped me keep my attitude positive even when faced with some difficulty. I am also sleeping much better.

I survived my second meeting as PTA President at my daughters school. We amended the By-laws last night. Why oh Why did I say I would do this. My head hurts just thinking about it. Only seven more meeting to go.


The Pioneer Woman's first cookbook is out next Tuesday. I can't wait. I have followed Rhee Drummond since she started her website. So many yummy recipes to choose from. I love her style of cooking as does my husband. I am not sure I can wait until Christmas for this book. We shall see.

I have started my Christmas sewing. I will be making these little handbags for four of my nieces (ages 10-13) in various color hues. The pattern "in-town bag" is from Amy Butler. I love her modern twist on things. What do you think? The construction is fairly simple so they shouldn't take too much time. Now what do to for the rest of my godchildren. I am determined to make this a home made Christmas. Any ideas...anyone?

I am really enjoying the BLOOM online book club hosted by two of my favorite Christian bloggers, Angie Smith and Jessica Turner. We are reading Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God written by Christian pastor Francis Chan. It is Theology of the Body for Christians. It's just so convicting. God loves us with a crazy love and we are called to love him AND one another with that same kind of love. The scripture study has been very good for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed following along with the sharing over on the ing site. I would love to do a Catholic bible study but am struggling to find a good one. Any suggestions?

I have finally chosen a quilt pattern for the master bedroom quilt. I have had the fabric for a year now and was looking for something different, more modern for a pattern. Amy Butler to the rescue again. This pattern is simple and a FREE download. You can't beat that.

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Happy Friday everyone!
Blessings and Grace,

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