The day has not gone as I planned. I am writing this from an isolation room at Fairfax INOVA Hospital. Courtney has been diagnosed with the swine flu. I had sworn off hospitals since our last visit but Courtney had other ideas.

The drama began at 10pm last night with a recurrence of the "rolling seizures" every two to three minutes. We were able to get them under control at home with Ativan by 1:30 am. She slept the rest of the night but had a hard time waking this morning. She was agitated and not herself. We thought it was residual from the Ativan. So Jerry and I went to separate Masses so she could be home.

Then things got interesting around 12:30. I was snuggled on the sofa with her and her head felt warm. Within the hour she spiked a fever of 103.5. Off to the E.R. we went. Three hours, 10 viles of blood, one flu swab, a cath and one chest x-ray later we were officially diagnosed with swine flu and admitted to the hospital.

Her seizure threshold is very low and the concern is that she will go into a "static" seizure and not be able to come out of it. The other big concern is for her lungs. She has mild chronic lung disease which puts her at risk of pneumonia even when she is well. With the added respiratory distress of the flu things could get dicey. The next 36 hours will tell.

So please pray for Courtney to recovery quickly from this. Pray that her lungs are protected and she does not come down with pneumonia. Pray that the seizures stay at bay while we are going through this. So far the staff has been wonderful and things have gone smoothly. Pray that it continues. I will try to keep things in perspective. I promise.

Thanks friends for everything. You are the best and I pray that God blessings will continue to rain down upon you all.
Blessings and Grace,

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