7 quick takes friday (vol. 18)

The candy making nuns are praying for the formally naked (yikes!), currently truck driving future Senator Brown of Massachusetts. I am so glad. He is going to be needing every single one of them. Good luck Senator Brown!

I am hoping to see this movie this weekend. It looks powerful.

If your looking for pantry stretching, hearty, tasty recipes...look no further. Life as a Mom has what you need. Check it out and be inspired.

This is just wonderful @ the purl bee. I really enjoy the oliver + s children's patterns . I have made quite a few for my nieces and nephews. They have a terrific vintage quality to them. The fabric used in this post is whimsical and happy. So cute!

I have really enjoyed A Sewn Wardrobe and The Sew Weekly. Both woman want to fill their closets with apparel sewn by them. One inspired by the vintage look and one inspired by current fashion. I am inspired by BOTH of these terrifically talented individuals! Oh the ideas I have in my head. Now to the sewing room...

Speaking of sewing...LOVE these shortbread button cookies@forty-sixth at grace. They look fab-u-lous! I know what I'll be baking this weekend.

Today is the March for Life. I pray for the marchers safety and well being. I pray that our lawmakers will LISTEN to the people and DEFEND LIFE!

Go say hello to Jennifer and have a fabulous day!

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