a public witness...

Today is the March for Life. Normally, I would be participating as a public witness for life. I would be pushing my daughters wheelchair down Pennsylvania Ave, praying, chanting and singing with the tens of thousands of others who believe in the sanctity of life.

This year is not a normal year. It is icy, raining and very cold. Courtney's health is frail and after spending part of the fall in isolation, I have made a different plan for this day. Our parish has Adoration all day long to support the marchers. So today I will be a prayer warrior, marching in support one rosary, one holy hour at a time. I am so grateful to our pastor for this opportunity to enter into the battle spiritually with prayer and fasting.

I hope you will take a moment today and say a prayer for the unborn. Say a prayer for that lost, lonely woman who is pregnant right now and must make a choice for her child, life or death. PRAY that she chooses LIFE!

Here is the piece I wrote last year explaining why I chose to be a public witness for LIFE:


Blessings and Grace,