pantry challenge menu #2...meltdown

SO....I just completed week two of the Pantry Challenge with Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom. It was u m m m...w e l l...u m m m not my best effort. The train derailed and baby it was NOT good! I am just keeping it real here at PP. So what went wrong, you ask? I spent $62 at the grocery store, $12 over budget. Not a HUGE deal but Ugh! Frustration. I have to get better at the whole pricing thing.

Well as I said mid-week there were a few hick-ups in the schedule. I messed up my Barefoot Bloggers schedule. Then we hit Thursday and after an extremely tough day my honey and I took one look at each other, then at the raw chicken on the counter. He picked up the phone and Chinese takeout arrived 30 minutes later. Then we had two last minute invitations on Friday and Saturday night each one included dinner out (not in the budget, but hubby said yes, so now I will make it up from somewhere else. Challenging indeed!). By the time we got to Sunday I didn't even recognize the menu plan.

So what did I learn? I need to build in an Oops fund for those last minute surprises that happen. I MUST get better at grocery shopping and not be pulled in by those lousy end caps of yumminess.

So what now? Well, I cleaned out the fridge from top to bottom. It's sparkly and clean. I have written a new menu for this week with some new recipes. I am ready to rumble once again. So there you have it! My attempt to reclaim my kitchen and my budget. Lessons learned. When at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Have a fabulous week!
leftover French Toast w/eggs
Indonesian Ginger Chicken w/ Curry Rice and fresh salad

oatmeal w/ tea
salad or sandwich
Macaroni and Cheese w/veggies

oatmeal w/tea
sandwich w/fruit
Black-Eyed Pea and Sausage Soup (new recipe) w/corn bread

Lemon Ricotta Muffins w/hard-boiled egg
soup w/fruit
Chicken Spaghetti (new recipe) w/broccoli

Coffee w/ Friends
soup w/fruit
Marmalade-Glazed Corned Beef w/carrots & potatoes

oatmeal w/ fruit
soup w/veggie
Tuna w/White Bean Pasta (new Rachel Ray recipe)

Guy food all day long since I will be gone (yea me!)