mary's book basket ~ "swinging on a star"

As part of the Revell Blog tour I am blessed to receive new books to review each month. The only thing expected is an honest review of the material, good or bad. I was absolutely thrilled when this little gem showed up in my mailbox. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Thompson's debut novel "Fools Rush In", so I was all in for the second in her Weddings by Bella series.

I was not disappointed. Again, do not read these books while sipping, drinking or eating anything. You will laugh so hard things will shoot out your nose and you may choke. I am NOT kidding people. Ms. Thompson takes her physical comedy seriously and she out does herself in this novel.

We witness DJ and Bella grow in their relationship as they begin to contemplate a future together. It is a sweet and wonderful romance. Then there is the rest of the Rossi clan. Ms. Thompson is an absolute marvel with her secondary characters. They are so believable and you really care about them and everything they are going through. The scenes around the family table are still my favorite. I am desperate at this point for Aunt Rosa's recipe stash. I just love her character. I aspire to be as wise and welcoming as she is. Add to that her Food Network adventure, a Renaissance wedding and the craziness surrounding the arrival of a Hollywood hunk and Swinging on a Star provides a fabulous escape for a quiet afternoon. Thank you Ms. Thompson for another delightful adventure in fiction.

This book can be found at your local bookseller or online. Don't waist a moment. Check out Swinging on a Star by Janice Thompson today.

Happy Reading,
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