what NOT to say...

Me: Hey XYZ. How are you? How is the family?

XYZ: We are hanging in there. It's been a tough few weeks. Nothing like you deal with everyday though.

Me: What do you mean?
(at this point I should have just smiled, wished her well and went on my way, but I did not. Lesson learned.)

XYZ: Well, I just don't know how you handle everything with Courtney day in and day out. It's got to be so difficult. I tell you, even on my worst day, my life doesn't compare. When things are going badly for me I just think of you and your life and I thank God I'm not you. I mean your life is just so awful to contemplate. I just could NOT do what you do. It actually makes me feel better about my day. You inspire me not to complain.

Me: (smile PLASTERED on my face, trying not to GROWL) I'm so glad I could help you out with that. Gotta go...take care.

XYZ: Give Court a hug from me.

I smiled and waved all the while casting dispersions upon her personhood. So far Monday's sin score is Devil - 1, Mary - 0.

*warning...sailor language coming*

Note to anyone else who thinks my life is complete s*#@ because I have a child with profound special needs. Look at this face and tell me what is so hard about loving this soul:

PLEASE...when you are trying to encourage someone (I am CHOOSING to be positive here and give her the benefit of the doubt) DO NOT to say things like this. It's downright insulting people.

Yes, there are difficult days where I eat chocolate bunnies or worse yet, wallow in self-pity. I am human after all, sorry to disappoint anyone who has placed me at Super Hero status. Just flesh and bone here doing my best to live the life God has granted me as well as I can. Some days better than others.

As for the intergalactic plan that placed this beautiful soul in my care, God is God and I am not. He knows the plans He has for this child and for me. I do not. What I DO know is that I love her with everything in me and I WOULD NOT CHANGE THIS BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA!

Side Note - Yes, I did say many nasty things in my head as I stomped back to my car. No, I did not run over the woman above with my car or become physically violent in any way. I did not curse her children or steal the chocolate from her grocery cart. This is not to say I did not think about doing any or ALL of these things to her and more.

Be positive! Be encouraging! LOVE as you are loved by your Creator.

Don't be rude to a menopausal mother. It's just plain unpleasant for all of us.

Blessings and Grace,