life is a highway...

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Life is a highway. Sometimes it winds up and down mountains causing your head to hurt and your stomach to roll. Other times it's a nice and easy drive in the country filled with lovely landscapes and beautiful colors. Then there are times when the traffic is horrid, lanes crowded, people are honking, not using their turn signals causing chaos and anarchy on the road.

These are the times I end up in the "Oh Crap" lane. You know the one I mean. It looks a little like this:

"Oh crap...There are two Baptisms and one First Communion this Saturday and I haven't gotten one gift and it's Friday!"


"How many times must I remind the two of you that Kleenexes do NOT wash well. My laundry looks like it's the liner for a bunny cage. Crap!"


"Oh crap...there are two doctors appointments and one physical therapy session scheduled on the same morning, within minutes of each other at three different facilities. I need a new day-planner, this ones broken!"


"Oh crap...always check your switches!"


(the phone rings) "Hey X, how are you doing? (awkward pause) I was? Oh, I am so sorry. I'll be there in ten minutes." crap, crap, crap I say to myself as I run out the door to a meeting I COMPLETELY forgot about!

You get the picture. It's an over committed, psychotic nightmare! That is what my highway looks like right now. The lanes are crowded and I am constantly dodging road kill. The last few weeks have been tough ones filled with an overwhelming sense of dread that I will forget something important. With these new changes in Court's care and Jerry's schedule I am finding that I am totally out of my comfort zone and constantly behind.

So this weekend after I forgot my goddaughter's birthday gift AND left the same load of laundry in the washing machine for TWO days, I decided enough was enough! It was time to hit the Rest Stop. I needed to get off the highway for a little while and look at a new map.

Something was missing. Something was off. I sat down opened my day planner and actually took the time to look at my daily life. In the quiet I had a conversation with God. "This shouldn't be this hard. What am I doing wrong?"

Then in the quiet it happens...I hear Him...

"I missed you my child. When was the last time you sat with Me in the quiet?"

Another Mary "duh" moment is born. Time with Him. That's what I had forgotten. I had just kept moving day in and day out, never stopping to listen to what HE wanted me to do, where HE wanted me to go. You would think after driving for so many years I would know which direction to point the doggone car by now. So it's time to get out of the insane traffic and find a new route to follow. One that includes re-organized priorities to avoid the road kill of disorganization. It's placing myself back on the list and spending much more time in rest and reflection with my God.

Life is a highway and I have the best road-trip companion there is! Thank you Lord for choosing to stay in the car no matter what road I'm on.

How's your road trip going? Hit any road kill lately?

Blessings and Grace,