ultimate recipe swap: favorite cookie recipes

"the baker" with her captain
Today over at Life As Mom we are talking cookies, cookies, cookies! Since I bake all the time I thought I would share some of my family's favorites. I have made these time and time again and they do not disappoint.

The Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!


Strawberry-Shortcake Cookies

Raisin Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Almond Biscotti

Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

As I was putting this post together I realized that I have not shared many of the cookie recipes I have made over the years. How can this be??? So I have decided that next week it's COOKIE WEEK here at Passionate Perseverance!! I hope you will stop in everyday and see what lovely little gems I have baking in the oven. It's going to be fabulous!!

Take a deep breath, enjoying the cinnamon and vanilla in the air. Get in the kitchen with your kids and enjoy being together sharing the sweetness of the season. Looking forward to seeing y'all next week in the kitchen!

Celebrate the Feast!

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