five minute friday ~ wonder

Thanks Gypsy Mama for hosting this little meme once more. I have my timer set for five minutes. There is no editing (thank goodness for automatic spell check) and when the timer goes off, I promise to stop!

Today's writing prompt is:

Dear God,
What were you thinking when you gave me these two children? Did you know how many tears I would shed with worry and anxiety? Did you know how many hours of laughter and joy we would share? Did you know how addicted to chocolate I would become in my hours of serious stress. Did you know how many days I would start and end on my knees begging for wisdom and seeking answers to whatever the most urgent questions of the day were? Did you know how completely overwhelmed we would be trying to parent such different children? Did you understand how inadequate I would feel to make sure they had everything they needed to know they were loved NO MATTER WHAT? What were you thinking? This is ME we're talking about. What do I know about being a parent to two individuals with such diverse personalities and capabilities. Seriously??? What were you thinking??

But some how I have to WONDER if...

You knew. You had to know didn't you being omnipotent and all? You knew and yet, you gave them freely knowing how much Jerry and I needed to be their Mama and Daddy. You knew they needed us to love them and fight for them. To guide them and encourage them on the journey's you sent them on. You knew we would NOT be who we are today, still fallen but grasping for you at every turn to hold us up and keep us afloat in the insanity of our world, without these two anchors of love.

I WONDER everyday what my daughter is thinking and feeling. Some days you give me the great joy and challenge of watching her express herself any way she can. I WONDER if I am doing everything I can to make her world the most stimulating, exciting, loving, peaceful place it can be.

I WONDER everyday at the creativity, intelligence and gentle spirit my son has within him. I WONDER what you have in store for him and his future. So many hard lessons he has had to learn. So much mercy, grace and an incredibly unbending will comes forth from this one that I am overwhelmed with gratitude even if it laced with frustration from time to time.

I WONDER at their stubbornness born of necessity to not give up. To keep moving forward through each challenge. I WONDER where you will take them and how they will get there.


Ooh five minutes is up and I feel like I was just getting started. But we are not supposed to edit just freely write so there you have it. I am wondering a lot these days.

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Happy Writing,

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