mary's book basket - "grace for the good girl" by emily p. freeman

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I jumped for joy when Revell gave me the opportunity to review Emily P. Freeman's first book "Grace for the Good Girl". As a longtime reader of her fabulously inspirational blog Chatting at the Sky, I have watched the evolution of this incredibly gifted writer, blogger and photographer. I love looking through her eyes at the world around us, finding a new ways to interpret her art. I am learning that we are all artists. Emily is an artist. I am an artist. God calls us to share that art with the world. No ones art looks the same and that is a awesome thing.

It was a privilege to read this book. It changed my perspective on a few things. I am a perfectionist. I have shared that with you all many times over the years. Emily's book is like a 12 step program that helped me let go of some of those issues. I mean really let go. Well, let's be honest. I am still working through it but at least I am further down the road. She taught me that I don't have to please to be loved. I don't have to perform to be accepted. I am loved and excepted every single day by the one who made, My  Beloved Lord. I don't have to mask the truth of my life with a smile 24/7 cause life just doesn't roll that way.

I am grateful for Emily's book. God's timing is perfect timing and I needed to read this last week. In the midst of all the drama with Miss Court , I had Emily reminding me to trust and just be in the moment. I didn't have to be happy or confident. I could be freaked out. I could worry. I learned that even in the most difficult of circumstances, God is with me. He will carry me through, always! I need to let the mask go and rely on His grace alone.

We are all beautifully broken. There is nothing in our life that is unredeemable. That fact is still difficult for me to wrap my head around but I guess that's where faith comes in. So if your stuck in that place where you are more comfortable behind the mask of perfection and low self-worth, then please go read this book. Let go and let God's grace reign in your life.