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#612 - smiles and story time with "Seven Silly Eaters"
Blessings have a way of multiplying especially when you least expect it. It's been a tumultuous few weeks for me as I tell my story and how my daughter's story changed the course of my life. Everyday I would get up and memories would flood my mind and my heart. Some good, some not so good. I would write, then erase, then write some more. I have been blessed beyond measure by your comments, your emails and your encouragement my dear readers. I have been challenged by your questions and humbled by your private witness of faith and hope.

My story is not over by a long shot. In fact I have a feeling it's just beginning. I hope those of you who are new to this space will continue to stop in and see where the adventure leads. I  will continue to share the story of my daughter and where God takes us. My boys will show up in these pages as well. There will be lots of good recipes shared and a book review or three.

On this day though, it's a time to count all the awesome things that God has brought to my life in the past few weeks. Are you ready to count the joy??
#613 - for laughter and snuggles in warm lambs wool
Here we go...I am thankful for:

#606 ~ #644: 
* a quote sent in an email that changes my perspective "Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy." 
-- Abraham Joshua Heschel, rabbi
* for the beautiful soul who sent it (KK)
* for the encouragement and love shown in the past two weeks of publishing this story.
* for Karen, Sharon and Danielle who were afraid that my grammar would scare people, so they fixed it...well most of it. LOL!
* for so many prayers prayed for my girl
* for laughter and snuggles in warm lambs wool
* smiles and story time with "Seven Silly Eaters"
* an iPod filled with Christmas music
* friends who surround us with hope 
* Orange Tangerine Zinger tea with a spot of honey
* Our Blessed Lady's words of love for her Son
* a husband who prays with me
* the courage to step into the pool of fear and swim to the other side
* my Sunshine, who keeps me focused and filled with love 
* the inspired Word of God
* the new translation of the Mass, layered with the bounty of tradition and grace
* shelves bursting with good words 
* contentment with living in the now
* tratan plaid hats w/new winter coats
* hand-knit red mitten sent form afar
* warm hands stitching on quilts and more
* alka selzter cold medicine - manna from Heaven
* trunks overflowing with Christmas cheer
* photographs of loved ones that are gone but never forgotten
* the sound of my son reading to his sister
* the sound of my son laughing with his father
* the sound of my son singing in the shower, totally off key!
* gainful employment for my husband
* part-time employment for me
* the answer to a prayer spoken long, long ago
* fuzzy slippers and Miracle on 34th Street
* baked macaroni and cheese with fresh breadcrumbs toasted on top...yummmmm!
* paint chips and fabric samples
* patterns and new fabric - the possibilities abound
* a new story to tell
* making good on a promise made long ago
* spy novels and hot tea with lemon
* you my dear readers - I am so very thankful for each and every one of you

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