Miss Courtney...smiling her way through it all...

Miss Courtney last week...happier days...
It's a rainy afternoon here in Northern VA. Miss Courtney has had a rough 48 hours filled with seizures and monthly difficulties. There are days when she laughs and giggles and fills the air with great joy and then there are days of silence when you pray she will hum just a little bit. That is the ebb and flow of life with this beautiful girl. The journey of acceptance happens day to day here and there are days when it is harder than others. Especially when she's so uncomfortable and in pain.

We put up the Christmas tree tonight and I strung it with lights. Miss Courtney loves Christmas lights. We turn out all the lights downstairs and just have the tree on. It's just enough to where she can track the light. It's awesome to watch, her trying to see the little twinkles of light. She always smiles, every single year...she smiles.

With her not feeling well these last few days, I wasn't sure what was going to happen this year. So we turned out the lights and sat her in front of the tree. She was quiet but she kept looking. Jerry and I waited to see what she would do.

a smile and some twinkle lights...
the best St. Nicholas Day gift a Mom could ask for.
She looked up and then down. We waited and watched. Then it happened.

She smiled and then she giggled.

One more time, God granted a mother's wish for this Christmas.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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