a love story...

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I would share a little story...a love story so to speak. I have spoken of this love before. It is a deep and abiding relationship.

If I tried something like this...I would be in traction for a week.
Yoga pants mean comfort...not sweat and pain...

Me and My Yoga Pants...a love story...

You have always supported me without trying to restrict me, swirling around me with your soft stretchy cotton. 

You understand my need for mint chocolate chip ice cream while watching Fred and Ginger dance across my T.V. screen. 

You have stayed strong as I reached for the second chocolate chip cookie...and then the third. 

You have embraced all of me on a cold windy day as fresh banana bread bakes and the aroma sings to me like the Sirens sang to the Greek sailors. 

You understand my need to top off your comfy wonderfulness with warm flannel or cooling cotton. 

You never stray from home, always reserving yourself for our special time together enjoying MooseMunch and Project Runway: Season 346.

You have sat with me stitch after stitch, casting on and finishing off, again and again and again and again and again...

My favorite thing about you though is that you have no idea what a Downward Dog or Halasana Pose is. 

Yes! I do love you so!