passing on the love...

It has been a challenging week here at Chez Lenaburg. Not only did we have to deal with a jammed finger and a funky bone, but after feeling poorly these last few days I finally got in to see the doctor this afternoon. Walking pneumonia is the diagnosis.

Yep...locusts and frogs are next. Yea. Me.

So when I got online this evening I found a lovely comment in my email box. The very talented and absolutely wonderful Maurisa @ Half a Dozen and More Productions blog had nominated me for a "Liebster Blog Award".

Seriously? I am so flattered. It made me smile. I really needed to smile. I have followed Maurisa and her beautiful family for several years now after we "met" back when Danielle Bean was hosting a weekly meme over at Faith and FamilyLIVE!

Thank you so much Maurisa!!

Liebster is a German word which means “dearest” or “beloved”.  It can also mean favorite.  The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to upcoming bloggers (with fewer than 200 followers) in order to create new connections and bring attention to wonderful growing blogs.
Now it is my turn to pass on the award, with these simple rules:
·          Add the award to your blog.
·         Thank the giver with a link back to them.
·         List your top five picks and let them know they’ve been given the award by
leaving a comment on their blog.
·         Encourage your followers to “spread the love” to the blogs that you’ve spotlighted.

So now to spread the love a little, please enjoy visiting these wonderful blogs:

#1 - I have enjoyed reading ViolinMama @ A Rosy Outlook on Life for the last three years. She homeschools her three littles and is an accomplished violinist. She is funny, open and incredibly honest especially in the recent months since she and her husband have experienced some challenges in their marriage. I always appreciate a blogger who keeps it real and honest, hoping that their experience will help and inspire others. I know she inspires me with every post. 

#2 - Farmer's City Wife @ City Wife, Country Life has inspired me with her homemaking skills and her desire to be the best wife possible. She is always looking for a new recipe to try and shares snippets of her life on the farm with the man she loves. Her latest project...starting seeds...yes she is a closet gardener. I enjoy visiting and seeing the country life through the eyes of this former city slicker. Stop in and say hello.

#3 - Kathy @ Faith On the High Wire is a personal friend. She and I both have very special children. Kathy has a Masters In Theology and knows more about these maters than I could ever hope to. She writes passionately about politics and religion, catechisis and teaching the faith, as well as commenting on the current hot topics in pop culture. I always learn something when I stop in and I s appreciate her gifts.

#4 - Robyn @ Embraced by Bliss is new to the blogging world. She is a senior in high school and was just given a scholarship to play Women's Soccer at Bellmont Abbey College. She is a refreshing voice in the blogospere. A young woman who loves our Lord and is not afraid to defend her faith in the public square. Gotta love the future of the church.

#5 - Sharon @ Faith, Hope and Publication is a dear friend and one of my fabulous critique partners. She is a such a talented writer and has an incredible eye with her photography. Her blog is visually beautiful and it inspires me to look at the world and try not to miss the all the beautiful details. Stop by and say hello.