home is a beautiful thing...

Waiting for the discharge orders from the PICU at Georgetown Hospital.

We are home with our sweet Courtney.

She has been smiling for the last five hours.

So has her Mama.

A tired smile that is.

I am so very, very tired. I don't ever remember ever being this tired.

So many emotions to still process from these last four days.

We almost lost her. It was the longest night of my life.

More random thoughts and questions spilling through my brain.

Blood pressure is a tricky thing.

With all the anti-seizre meds Court takes PLUS her erratic seizure patterns that will just get more complicated as time goes on, makes her blood pressure even trickier to control.

Things will be different now. We knew that. They had told us before.

finally leaving the hospital...sunshine is a beautiful thing!

We will need to make some changes to her care plan...again...but that's OK.

"We are an Easter people living in a good Friday world" author Barbara Johnson once said.

We believe in miracles. They happen when HIS people rise up and storm the gate of heaven.

She is still with us. She is still smiling.

There is no Easter ham this year.

No german donuts.

No fancy dinner spread.

No new Easter dress for Mama or daughter.

Easter Mass was not to be. Praise God for the Minister of Holy Communion who was able to bring us the Holy Eucharist in the hospital this morning.

Oh how I miss being in church hearing the great Alleluia this morning!

But none of that matters. NONE of it!

She is smiling and we are HOME!

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