pretty, happy, funny, real...the 2012 prom edition

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Every year there is a "Special Needs" Prom that is attended by well over 300 differently abled young adults. It is held at a local hotel and as the DJ spins the kids dance the afternoon away. After everything that has happened in the last few weeks it was such a blast to go and watch Miss Courtney smile, laugh and "sing" along. 

The one thing I would change is the dress. Earlier this week I realized that I would NOT be able to make a Prom dress in 36 hours. I'm good, but not that good! I panicked for about a an hour then I called my BFF Christine and begged to take one of her girls to the mall to see if we could find a suitable dress. We DID! Miss Victoria is now known as the "Dress Whisperer". 


You can barely see the tiara that Miss Victoria picked out for 
Courtney to wear for her big day. Thank you Macy's for the sale price!

The dress was ocean blue organza, with several tiers that looked likes waves to me. 
It had sparklies ay the shoulders with petals sleeves and a lovely soft cowl at the neck. 
It was one of the few that Dress Whisperer Victoria and I found that was long enough for
Courtney to wear in her wheelchair.

sparkly shoulders...


She never stopped moving her legs. 
She was the Dancing Queen!

When the day was done...Sleeping Beauty needed a nap...
a happy day indeed!


Miss Courtney has the look on her face that says 
"Mom seriously...your embarrassing me!"

Miss Courtney singing at the TOP of her lungs...she was so cute!


Miss Courtney slept for most of the morning earning the nickname
"Sleeping Beauty" from the school staff. 
She finally woke up when the music started. 

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