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This is my first contribution to needle and thREAD. I am happy to join in with Elizabeth Foss @ in the Heart of my Home sharing two of my favorite things on the planet, a good book and my latest creation. So here we go...

My sewing for the last few weeks has centered around our recent graduate Miss Courtney. Finding clothing that is stylish and modest for a young woman in a wheel chair is extremely challenging these days. SO when we made the decision to let her graduate early due to her health I knew I would need to make her outfit for the special day.

I chose fabric that went with her new orange Chucks. I know, I's all about the shoes. So I found fabric I liked at the local Joann's that was aqua and orange, a fabulous color combination if I do say so myself.

The ruffler that saved my life...

I made a top from NewLook #6077 and a skirt Simplicity #2412. Both patterns were very simple and the instructions easy to follow. Beginners will love them and for those of us in the intermediate aisle, they are fabulous if your on a tight deadline and need something quick!

The skirt was a ruffled broomstick and for a moment I panicked thinking about all those layers of ruffles. Then I remembered I had a ruffler for my machine that I haven't used in quite a few years. It took a few tries but once I got it, I was a ruffling fool.

ruffles and ruffles and more ruffles...

The pieces came together pretty quickly over the course of two days. I will be making the skirt again. It's easy for me to put on and take off of Miss Court and the length is perfect, even if she crosses her legs.

The finished pieces all pressed and ready the night before the big event...

My only complaint is about the top. I need to figure out a way to make the neckline smaller for Miss Courtney all while keeping the bust line the same. I really like how the blouse fits Miss Courtney everywhere else but the shoulder keeps slipping so I know I need to take it in. I guess it's time to learn how to grade a pattern. Thank goodness for YouTube. Any suggestions on books or websites...I am totally open. Leave them in the comments.

I like the fact that I could switch out a 3/4 sleeve for the cap sleeve so that Courtney would not have to wear a sweater. I love it when the pattern has choices so I can make a few different pieces while only purchasing one pattern.'s long enough and coordinates with the shoes...perfection!

OK...on to what I have been reading. I love legal and political thrillers. I am a huge John Grisham fan but I have been disappointed in the last few novels he has written. They lacked some of the passion that he wrote with in the beginning of his career. The Litigators is classic Grisham. It was riveting and help a powerful message. Honesty and truth are the only way to go. Anything else will get you into trouble.

Grisham's main character's struggle to find his true purpose makes for a compelling read. The supporting cast adds layer upon layer of richness to the canvas of the story. There is humor and great emotional depth in this story and I highly recommend it.

I have also read Choose Joy; Because Happiness Isn't Enough by Kay Warren and have reviewed that here. Fabulous book that will stay with you for some time. Then there was Waiting for Sunrise by Eva Marie Everson that made me laugh and cry. I have reviewed that one here.

So head on over to In the heart of my Home for more needle and thREAD...Inspiration awaits!

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