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Summer is in full swing here at Chez Lenaburg and the pace of life has slowed waaaayyyy down. There have been struggles for sure but all in all, life is pretty sweet right now. I have time to sew and knit. There will be a quilt made for sure...can't wait to share that with you as well. I have plans to learn a few new embroidery skills this summer as well.

Here is more of what I have been doing in the sewing arena. A blouse and skirt for Miss Courtney as well as a sun dress. So much fun!

Then there is just the day to day living and taking care of my home. There is a new schedule for Miss Courtney that so far is working well. She is happy and content most days. The others are a test in patience and perseverance to figure out what is wrong so I can fix it. When nothing else works, I just sit on the sofa and hold her. Sometimes that's all that's needed for my girl.

Recently I went through all of my costume jewelry. I love unique pieces that are bold and colorful. As a larger woman I find that these work better for the proportions of my body. I love to find things that have been handcrafted and Etsy and I are close personal friends. Not to worry, the collection you see was amassed over the last ten years and no piece cost more than $35. 

I was getting very frustrated when dressing in the morning trying to figure out what piece would look best with the outfit I have chosen and then I would be digging in a shoe box, or looking through a basket. I grew tired of this daily exercise and decided it was time to organize thing better. 

One thing stopped me...I needed to use whatever was in the house to make it happen. So I went on to pinterest and found a few things I if I could just find what I needed in the house. I headed to the garage and found an old cork board, then raided the push pins in the office supply bin. 

All I did was make four rows on the cork board with the push pins then layered the longest to the shortest necklaces, from bottom to top. Then to the right of the board I hung one long piece of ribbon form my sewing stash to put my collection of pins. 

Now I can see everything. If I purchase something new then I have to let go of a piece I don't wear often. The best part was it cost me nothing but my time. I LOVE projects like that!!

So what do you think?

Not the best picture. It was taken late at night in my bedroom. I do love the organization of it.
Now I have everything in one place and I can see it all.
Makes life that much easier...

Our official graduation day portrait with Miss Courtney. 
It really was one HAPPY day. 
Of course...Mama needs to hit the gym...Yowza! Not my best photo...
This photo was taken by Andrea Gayle Photography

Courtney's Grandparents Lenaburg were able to join us for her big day. They cam in from Oklahoma and we were so happy to have them here. It was so funny to watch them with Miss Courtney. She showed them that she really is as stubborn as her Daddy sometimes.

"No Grandpa...I will not open my eyes. It's not noon yet!"
This photo was taken by Andrea Gayle Photography

Miss Lily came to visit yesterday.
She and Miss Courtney had fun hanging out together.
Miss Lilly took a ride in Courtney's lap...there were smiles all around.

We had a rough time on Monday afternoon. But my girl is not one to give up. SO today there were smiles and lots of joy.
Every once in awhile Miss Courtney's hair cooperates and the "french fry" curl appears. When it does it's a glorious day!

It's the most amazing naturally beautiful as the rest of my girl...LOVE those curls!

Happy Day for Miss Courtney...

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