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Now that I have found a little peace with taking on Miss Courtney's care full-time, things have gone more smoothly over the past few days. I have enjoyed multiple story times and Miss Courtney really enjoyed a little stretching session yesterday (NOT!). She made a face and furrowed her brow with each new stretch. It was so funny. Sorry I don't have pictures, but trust me, she was not a happy camper. 


This weekend we had company and I was determined to keep things simple. We had BBQ Chicken and grilled veggies. The wether cooperated and we were able to set up outside. 

Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers on the table. In this case I had a few stems of gerber daisies in a fantastically wonderful orange-red color. It was just the thing I was looking for to make the  picnic table a little more elegant. Flowers in Mason jars...LOVE!


My younger brother Dave came by this weekend with his beautiful wife and two daughters. It was lovely to share a relaxed me with them catching up on life. Whenever my very large family gets together, it can be challenging to enter into quality conversations with my siblings while the children are running about adding to the craziness of lots of people in a small space. So to spend time one on one is a lovely gift. 

These little cupcakes were a huge hit with the under 8 crowd. Lot's of frosting on a chocolate cupcake made my nieces smile and clap for joy. They both have quite the sweet tooth so I knew there would have to be chocolate on the menu. 


The funniest part of the afternoon was when my nieces challenged their cousin and Uncle to a game of "Go Fish". They were ruthless and a wee competitive (just like their Daddy). Miss H, who is eight, does not like to lose so there may have been a lesson or two about good sportsmanlike conduct. I remember the stage with J-man. This time around he laughed every time the girls talked smack. I gently reminded him that he started out the same way and his Uncle Dave (the girls father) corrected him on many occasions. My husband the most fun of all. Another generation of Green family card sharks have arrived.


This week on my "list of three" It included jam...lots of jam. To the left we have raspberry jam, on top triple berry jam and on the right peach jam. My hubby loves jam and biscuits to start his day along with a hard boiled egg. So my goal this summer is to have enough jam put up that I don't have to buy any at the store this year. I am on my way...

I am loving participating in needle & thREAD on Thursdays as well. You can check out what I am going to do with this fabric:

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