what i wore sunday... vol. 2

First let me thank you lovely ladies for all the encouragement last week on my first post with this link-up. Yowza, you know how to make a girl feel good! I really do appreciate every compliment. I was blown away by your kindness.

It has been one heck of a week, with Friday capping off all the insanity. You want a good laugh, go ahead and take a moment to read this post. Just make sure you don't have to pee or are drinking anything you don't want coming out of your nose. Yep...it all happened. After I finally managed to get Miss Courtney into the house, the toaster blew up (sparks and everything) and the toilet backed up.

I was never so happy to see a day end.

When I was thinking about what to wear this morning, I thought back to last week as I was perusing the linkylist. I was inspired by many of the outfits I saw last week with dark skirt, hose and shoe. I thought it looked very modern and slimming, so I wanted to give it a shot. I am happy with my results. I am a huge fan of pencil skirts especially since my body shape is a cake pop on a sick. I think it's the most flattering cut of skirt for me.

Anyway, my big "step-out-of-the box-moment" for me this week was actually belting my very loose top. I know...I have a waist! It's the first time in twenty years that I actually go in a smidge at the waist. Unbelted I look about 15 months pregnant and that was totally unacceptable! Not that being preggars isn't awesome, but I am no longer able to be so I really don't want to look like I am.

My second moment is that I have stopped coloring my hair. I have been gray since my early twenties and have always died it the color I had in high school to cover. I decided recently (with the encouragement of a dear friend) that it was time to be me, gray and all. I am forty-five years old and have earned every single one of those nasty little things. I am determined be stylish and a non-frump as I age, gray hair be damned. So, let the grey grow and we shall see what happens.

My outfit is as follows:
Graphic Print Blouse: Dress Barn (Jones of New York Collection)
Black Pencil Skirt: Lane Bryant
Patterned Black Tights: Lane Bryant
Wedge Gray Wool Shoes: Target
Costume Jewelry : I have no idea...yes, I have owned it that long.

This week, I am excited to introduce to the true fashionista in my family, my daughter Courtney. She is 20 years old and profoundly disabled. She's blind, wheelchair bound, non-verbal and the developmental age of a nine month old child. You can read more about her here. She is the heart of our home and I don't know who we would be without her.

As far as her fashion sense goes, the girl knows how to rock her Shirley Temple curls and a pair of skinny jeans when necessary. She has a more tailored style than me. Flowing blouses and fluffy shoulders really don't work for her. She's a Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger kinda girl with a little Anthropologie thrown in for flair. Not that we can afford those, but's it's where I get my inspiration. I have always tried very hard to dress her in an age appropriate manner.

She is such a sweatheart. Finding things that are modest and can be worn over an adult diaper while sitting in a wheelchair can be somewhat challenging, but that makes it all the more fun for me. I like a challenge. My current conundrum if finding and or making a few decent skirts that are long enough when she crosses her leg which is guaranteed to happen 1.7 million times a day!.

The one item that is a must at all times is straps on her shoes. She has a tendency to try to wiggle out of them during Mass and then will fling one over her head at the most in opportune moments. Yes, we have shoebombed quite a few parishioners over the years. Thanks goodness she's so cute or there would be trouble. LOL!

Her outfit is as follows:
"Boyfriend" Jacket : The Gap (totally rocking 60% off two years ago)
Plaid cotton blouse : Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (clearance rack)
Magenta Cotton Trousers : JCPenney
Cream cotton tights : LLBean
Navy Mary Janes: Stride Right (Love their coupons)

So excited to be a part of this ladies. It's forcing me to think about things and up my game. I am already considering two different outfits for next week. That's a pretty good improvement over jeans at the 7:30 a.m. mass where no one is awake.

Have a great week!

So take a photo and join us won't you? Head on over to FineLinenandPurple and link up. It's a party!

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