7 quick takes...

~ 1 ~
Our Lenten journey continues. Miss Courtney is doing well for the time being. Amazingly enough she has been seizure free for almost 96 hours now. Just freaking miraculous. We will start trying to wean her off the remaining Depakote on Sunday. So please keep praying that she can handle all the changes. We could really use some calm quiet weeks here. Here she is this morning...

She is one very happy young lady today. I am so grateful for this time...so very grateful...

~ 2 ~
I have been simplifying things in the kitchen since it's Lent. I re-instated Meatless Friday feature here on the blog. Today's recipe is Creamy Tomato Basil Soup from Cooking Light. I am telling you, this soup is rich and quite yummy. you won't miss the extra calories at all. So check it out and if you want other meatless choices check out my Recipe Catalog.

~ 3 ~
Have you seen this video yet. Get out your kleenexes...you're going to need it. It's such an incredibly sweet and wonderful story. Now if I could just find one of those wheelchair bikes for Miss Courtney that would be awesome!!

~ 4 ~
I just finished reading this fabulous book this morning. The Sensational Scent of Prayer by is written by Rachel Wojnarowski. I just could not put it down. Rachel goes through biblical stories where God granted miracles when his people prayed. Not just prayed mind you but prayed unceasingly giving everything they had to Our Lord trusting him completely no matter what. She writes about Hannah, Peter and others. Such wonderful words that I really needed to read this this week after everything that has happened with Miss Courtney. I needed the STRONG reminder that God hears his peoples cries ALL the time. So we entrust our girl and her future to him once more. She is his now and always.

~ 5 ~ 
I saw this on facebook earlier this week and it just hit me smack in the middle of my heart. This is what God is asking me to do...trust with ALL I have. My fears, my un-belief, my anger, disappointment,  frustration, joy, happiness, glee, worry, confusion and anything else having to do with Miss Courtney's uncertain medical situation. He asks for it ALL. 

So I will try to give it...ALL...

art scource
~ 6 ~  
As I was researching meatless meals, I came across this yummy little pasta dish in the current issue of Cuisine at Home. What do you think? Spring Salmon Pasta...it's what for dinner tonight so I will let you know next week how it went. 

~ 7 ~
I need a good fiction book recommendation. What you got people? What should I read next?

That's it. That's all I have. Happy Friday!
Now go join Jen and the rest of the gang.