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When last we visited {pretty, happy, funny, real}, Miss Courtney was rockin it. Her seizures were under control and she was handling being weaned off the Depakote very well. We had received wonderful news from the Docs and life was good.

Ahhh but my sweet daughter is a woman of mystery. She likes to change things up and keep her Mom and Dad on our toes. Her seizures came back hard and fierce. We had to stop weaning her off the Depakote AND we had to add in a new drug. A very toxic new drug. I had a mini breakdown and crisis of faith but God in his mercy and grace brought me back to my senses. We forged ahead and got back on our knees praying for wisdom and guidance.

Mama got a new attitude and remembered every single miracle God has ever granted for my daughter and found a little peace of heart and mind. The new plan is that after one week on this new med we will start to wean her off the remaining Depakote, that is as long as her seizures have not increased.

Well my friends, Miss Courtney has been seizure free for 72 hours now. read that correctly. 72 seizure free hours. The last time that happened she was ten years old!! God is working an amazing work here people. An amazing work. We have begun 30 Days of Prayer to St. Joseph and we ask for you to join us. Prayer is a game changer, truly. Thank you for being with us on this journey.

We will begin weaning her off the remaining Depakote on Sunday. One day at a time.

Now onto this weeks {pretty, happy, funny, real}...


So I have been slowly doing things around the house to help create a Lenten atmosphere. I scoured my fabric stash and pulled every single purple fabric I have that is even remotely "lenten" in feeling. My plan is to make a table runner this weekend for my kitchen table. I am thinking a simple nine patch pattern. Thoughts??

When it's finished, my statue of Our Lady will have a better landing place than the purple placemat she's on right now.

I love the juxtaposition of Our Lady holding Jesus while standing in the crown of thorns. The full story right there at every meal time.

My husband and I decided to give up television Monday-Friday as one of our Lenten sacrifices. So to keep it in the forefront of my mind, I covered the TV with a purple cloth. I gotta say it helps. No temptation there...most of the time.

We also set up our Fontanini (sp?) Lenten scene. This has been so wonderful for our family prayer time each evening. We sit and contemplate what Our Lord did for us. I really am so thankful my husband brought it home ten years ago. One of our better purchases.

Miss Courtney was wearing the very happy shade of kelly green this morning will she hummed and sang to me. I will say that I miss her singing when she's not doing well. It always makes me smile. Oh how we love our girl.

This smile melts my heart...every single time...

She is always moving my girl. This is a great photo. Her legs are crossed and her hands are flying. This is how she spends most of her day.

Today was therapy day. Miss Courtney had an appointment with her favorite physical therapist Miss Pam. She got quite the workout today. There was sit-to-stand practice, rolling, and a lovely deep tissue back massage. Then there was the stander. Oh how my girl dislikes the stander.

So once Miss Pam had her in position I took out my phone and snapped a few photos. Just look at her face. Too funny.

"Shoulders back Miss Courtney. Lift the head and wok those abs." 

"Wow Mama...look at the view."

The hair kills me. LOL! Therapy hair.

So there you have it. One more week of drama and insanity at Chez Lenaburg. Never a dull moment.

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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