7 quick takes ~ isolation edition...

So excited for Jen bringing home little JT from the NICU!! God is good all the time. Since Jen is busy loving on her newest angel, Miss Grace is hosting this week. So here you go Grace...

~ 1 ~
Good Morning from the den of isolation better known as my living room. Miss Courtney enters day two of her doctor enforced medical isolation. This illness came on fast and furious as they tend to do with her. She is handling the meds for the sinus and upper respiratory infections well. As for the intestinal flu...it is quite the stinky mess. I have been looking for the positives in this situation and there are many. 

~ 2 ~
Your prayer requests...bring them on my friends!! The little pink book is filling up with lots of wonderful, heartfelt prayers sent by those I know and those I have never met. It has been a tremendous blessing for Courtney and I to pray together several times a day, each time reading the book and sending the desires of each persons heart upward to Him, the Ultimate Healer. So please keep them coming. We have another seven days at home before we can go anywhere so let's make them count. You can leave them in the comment section here of email me privately at mary_romance@cox.net

Heather Williams, "Hallelujah" from Bob Marshall on Vimeo.

~ 3 ~
You all are just so generous. I tear up when I read your notes and just am so humbled that my daughter and I  are cared for by so many I have met in person and some I have not yet had the privilege to meet in person. After reading my post above Judith and Debra both sent me Starbucks gift cards through my email. Such a sweet surprise and I have sent my hubby out twice to use them. My lovely neighbor Melissa showed up yesterday in the wee hours of the morning with a hot latte in person and the lovely Sharon came later with a Passion Tea. We met on the front porch and I took in both their smiles as food for my weary soul. "To love another person is to see the face of Christ". Oh how Jesus has been here through all of this. Other have called and sent notes of encouragement. Courtney and I are so well cared for...I just don't know what to say. You know me so well and how important my coffee habit is. LOL! 

~ 4 ~
I appreciate all of the offers of pampering and such. I never say no when people offer help. I learned long ago the lesson that Mother Theresa spoke of so often "You must be humble and remove your pride allowing others to serve you. How else will they have an opportunity to show compassion to another in need." You are always welcome to donate to Courtney's medical fund (the button is on the bar to the  that goes to pay therapy ills, hospital and doctors bills as well as the cost of equipment and gas for the wheelchair van to get us to and from these appointments. If you need our address just ask and I will email it. No worries.  

But know nothing is more important than your prayers for Courtney to get better and not have all the drainage settle in her lungs causing pneumonia, and that her weight loss form the intestinal flu does not being on further seizures. Our goal is to ride this out at home and not be hospitalized. So please keep those prayers going skyward. We need them all.

I don't know what we have ever done to deserve such love from perfect strangers but all I can say os thank you...thank you from the bottom of my heart...I promise to pay it all forward...even if it takes the rest of my life. 

~ 5 ~
I tried feeding Miss Court a little oatmeal by mouth this morning. It's the first solid food she has had in 36 hours. Needless to say it will be her last for 24 hours at least.  She was coughing so much having a heck of a time struggling with possible aspiration, so we will go back to the Pedialyte for now. Sigh.

~ 6 ~
I am trying not to worry about her weight loss which is sure to be significant from this latest illness. I know God is with us and we are still at home and not in the hospital so I have to be doing something right...at least that's what I am hanging on to. As soon as she can handle it there will be many avocados and sweet potatoes in her future. If you have any other sugar-free ideas that will pack weight on let me know. I am open to any and all ideas. 

~ 7 ~
For Boston...praying that this will all end soon without a further loss of life.

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