five favorites...vol. 2...

It's time for another round of five favorites hosted by the lovely Hallie Lord @ Moxie Wife. This weeks edition centers around the color newest obsession...

I love this dress. It's so fresh and fun...and it's on sale! Unfortunately this doesn't really matter with the state of my checkbook but oh how I love to window shop in person or virtually, both make me happy. 

I also LOVE this look! So happy and fresh. I could wear it with my yellow heals I wore last Sunday. SCORE!!
Once again I will have to settle for virtual window shopping. 

This fabric is calling me. I found it at the FatQuarter Shop. No, I have not bought it yet, but I can just see it as the band at the bottom of an orange gingham skirt for summer. So light and breezy filled with memories of childhood. 

Doesn't it just make you want to get on your old Schwinn Bike with the white basket dotted with plastic flowers and ride for hours at a time? 
I'll join you!! Let's ride baby!!

It's bonus time at the Macy's Clinique counter until April 14. I have been waiting to purchase more moisturizer and so yesterday MIss Courtney and I made or way to Macy's and purchased what we needed and came home with a little bonus gift. It's a new makeup bag with bright yellow with orange flowers. Happy time!!

We also purchased this lovely little lip balm. Apricot is a luscious color don't you think?

I put this image on my Instagram/FB pages last week and spent the next few days chatting with various friends about the delightfulness of this ensemble. 

Love the orange skirt, love the embroidery on the blouse, just plain love the entire outfit. Thank you Anthropology for continuing to inspire my fashion sense (and frustrate me with your outrageous prices!)

Head on over to Moxie Wife to join in the fun...

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