what i wore sunday ~ vol. 20...

Miss Courtney certainly keeps me on my toes and this past week is no exception. She had surgery on her face and side on Tuesday to remove some moles that had gotten cysts underneath them thereby causing them to get infected from time to time. Think massive, icky really painful zit. Not fun. So we had the plastic surgeon do his thing and she has done surprisingly well with the healing process.

I was happy that we were able to take her to church this weekend. It's nice to attend as a family as often as possible, especially coming into a holiday such as Memorial Day. My Dad died twelve years ago on the 24th of May and was laid to rest on Memorial Day. He was the strongest man I have ever known and served his country in Vietnam. He died from non-hodgkins lymphoma due to exposure from Agent Orange. He always had a smile on his face and was quick to laugh. He was a man of tremendous faith, had a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother and loved his family with everything he had, until the very end. I miss him every single day. I could always pick up the phone and ask him anything. How I wish that was still so.

So on this Memorial Day weekend, make sure you thank a soldier, sailor or airmen. Say thanks to their families who give up so much so their loved ones can keep us free. For those whose families have paid the ultimate price, may God aways be by your side.

Now to What I Wore Sunday or "Mary's tries to wear a Maxi Dress with so-so results".  I will admit that it is a very comfortable way to dress but I don't know if it's really my style. I have had this dress for a year and last summer it was very, very tight. This year due to my weight loss it's on the loose comfy side.

The dress is from Nordstrom and end of the season sale last spring. There is no tag in it anymore so I can't tell you who made it but it's 100% cotton and very soft. The sweater is from Lane Bryant, the bangles are from Charming Charlie as is the necklace. The rosary bracelet is from my sweet friend Karen in CA. I love the color. Makes me happy.

OK...I admit that I had a little fun with this dress. Made me want to join in  a conga line. Hey, if you don't enjoy wearing the clothes than why bother. Life is too short to no enjoy this journey.

Miss Courtney wore bright, bright colors as usual. Her jacket is from JCPenney, her blouse from Old Navy and her pants from the Gap. She wasn't really in the mood to smile in the bright sun, but Daddy gave her kisses anyway. She gets her stitches out in another 10 days or so which will be nice since she isn't really enjoying the band aids.

Happy Memorial Day!!

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