what i wore sunday and an update on courtney's "little project"...

I found this photo on Pinterest this morning and it did not have an
original source connected to it so I don't know where it from. It just makes me happy to think about a warm fluffy pile of handmade goodness ready to keep us warm on a cold winters night. It made me smile. I need to learn how to do this. 

Happy Sunday Y'all!!

Apparently fall has left the state of Virginia and we have slipped back into summer. I am not happy with this development but since I am not in control of the weather patterns we will move on and suck it up for now.

Before we get to what we wore to Mass today, I have a little up date on Courtney's Room Makeover Project. You can read all the original details here to catch up. 

First, let me just say that I receive emails, letters and instant messages from people all the time asking how they can support Miss Courtney and our family when things get a little dicey for her medically. Of course my first answer is always prayer. there are many times during a medical crisis with her that I literally cannot pray. It's not a lack of faith it's simply a lack of sleep, combined with a battlefield mentality of dealing with whatever medical situation is right in front of me. I usually end up saying "Jesus I Trust in You" 1,935,603 times followed by and equal number of Hail Mary's because i can always remember them no matter how foggy my brain is.

To know that others are lifting us in prayer at that moment is a HUGE Godsend to me. It brings me tremendous comfort to know that my girl is being lifted up by so many as her Mama i just trying to get here to breath during a seizure or fight whatever illness she is facing.

So thank you first and foremost for that my dear friends. Those prayers are like stars in the sky. The more we have the brighter the night path to guide us in the battle.

Second, it's never an easy thing to ask for help, especially finacial. Everyone is facing some difficulty these days and the fact that many of your offer to assist in some ways is incredibly humbling. We so do not deserve special treatment in any way. There are so many others you could help and we are so humbled that you choose to assist us time and time again. It's incredibly difficult to remove my pride and say out loud that we can't do it all on our own. My husband makes a good living and we have decent medical insurance. But with Courtney and her condition come so many incidentals that aren't' covered by insurance, that after awhile, it feels like the tide is coming in and pulling us out to sea. We can't seem to get ahead of it all. So we do what we can and the rest we do without and if that's not possible we end up go into debt for it because Miss Courtney needs those new AFO's or that gym mat for her PT or that supplement to help keep weight on her.

Our goal is to make her life as pain free and as happy as we can. She has fought so hard for twenty-one years to remain here with us, we want to honor that and make life as comfortable and beautiful for her as we can. It's what every parent wants for their child.

So to that end, during prayer last week I felt called to set my pride aside and begin this little makeover project for my Courtney. You have have once more generously stepped up and are making it happen. There is no "small gift". They are all HUGE in our eyes and given with genuine love for our girl. Know that your name is now in her daily "Book of Thanksgiving" that we pray with every night. She cannot speak your name but I can speak it for her and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity.

As of Sunday morning we have met the goal for the original list of things needed such as paint and the like. The "dream list" items are still not covered so if you feel called to help with those we thank you in advance. There will also be medical bills coming in from her latest hospital stay that will not be fully covered by insurance so if you feel called to help with those, we thank you. Miss Courtney is also on a new diet to help increase her weight gain. This will require and extra $50 - $75 a week in fresh produce and vitamin supplements. If you feel called to help with that, we thank you.


NOTHING being raised goes to any other project/expense in our home. It ALL goes to Miss Courtney and her care. Please be assured of that. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Miss Courtney thanks you and we look forward to documenting the journey right here.

Let Miss Courtney's room makeover begin!!

OK...on to what we wore to Mass today.

Did I mention that it's 90 flippin degrees here in Virginia?? This means I had to go to the back of the closet and put out the summer dresses one more time in order not to melt. Holy Buckets people...this is insane.

So here we go...I am wearing a dress from ElizaJ that I have worn before. Last time I wore kelly green as my accessory color. This time I chose a bubblegum theme. The more color the better. My shoes are BCBG from DSW last season, the necklace, earrings and bubblegum bracelet are from Francesca's and the orange/hot pink bracelet from Lane Bryant.

I am so hot I am not wearing my Spanx because I would totally melt. So I am sucking it in like nobodys bidness. I am not wearing any makeup except some mascara because it would melt off and I would look like the Joker from Batman. This is pretty darn real here, no filters to save you from my reality. Thanks goodness for the glasses. They cover the insane puffy eyes and deep circles of menopausal insomnia.

I have no idea how I will get through Youth Ministry tonight, I am so tired. Not even sure an IV of the bean juice will help, but I shall strive to do my best! Miss Courtney is wearing pink today. Pink Chucks, pink polks dot cotton jersey blazer, a white embroidered t-shirt and her eShakti denim skirt that I made out of the dress that didn't fit well on top. Think up-cycle 101.

She was determined not to look my way for a photo this morning She is giggling behind that curtain of hair. Too funny my girl. SOme days we are happy for photos to be taken and sometimes we are determined to make it hard for Mama to catch up. 

So there you have it. I pray all is well with you and those you hold dear. Blessings and Grace on this Sunday my friends...as always God is GOOD...ALL the time!!

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