what i wore sunday ~ vol. 41...

Hello my friends...how goes your Sunday?

Mine has been quite peaceful so far. Mass this morning was lovely. Christmas is officially over. Now we enjoy a few weeks of ordinary time and then begin the Great Fast of Lent. I love that the liturgical calendar is so balanced. It brings a sense of rhythm to my world. 

Thank you for your very sweet comments and emails on last nights post. My tender heart feels stronger this day after spending some time in the Lord's presence. It always does. I am looking forward to Youth Ministry tonight as well. It's always good for me to get outside myself when I go through these times. I know that all will be well in time. My heart, the wheelchair van, my waistline...it's all going to be OK. I just know it. 

Miss Courtney came to Mass with us this morning dressed in her finery. Blue was the color of the day for my girl. Nothing is new except the way I put it together. I think it's the first time she is wearing all these pieces together. Sweater is from JCPenney's, skirt from JCrew HUGE sale, shoes from Zulilly, tights from LLBean, Blouse from Old Navy. 

We pimped out her purple chair yesterday using a bucket car seat cover made form lambs wool. For under $30 we have a newish chair. No more duct tape in photos. Wahoo!!

As we arrived in the sanctuary, the choir was practicing and Miss Courtney busted into a huge grin and began giggling. I think she was very happy to be back in church this morning. Daddy was a lector and read the second reading. Miss Courtney leaned forward in her chair and called out to him. Father smiled and so did Daddy, but he kept his composure and read beautifully. There is something that warms my heart watching my husband read the word of God. 

We stayed for the Knights of Columbus breakfast and Miss Courtney enjoyed her blueberry pancakes. She loves them almost as much as her Papa does. Of course there was bacon AND sausage so Jerry was thrilled. When we got home we changed her into comfy's for the rest of the day. Teal and black look really good on her. The sweater is from Lands End, Blouse from Talbots (gift) and knit leggings from Target. 

I went with the lace and denim concept. The one thing I am most proud of with this outfit is the jacket. I bought it a size larger than I wear because I am a cake pop on a stick. The classic apple shape. My shoulders are broad and rounded and my upper arms are not my slimmest feature either. So I purchased the one that felt most comfortable in the shoulders and altered the rest of the jacket. I shortened the sleeves and took in the front and back princess seams. I can also wear it BUTTONED UP people. Oh yea!! 

Yes, I did have coffee this morning. How can you tell? LOL! 

Anyway, the boots are from Target. I wore them last weekend too. The jacket is Jones of New York I bought at a bargain price from Macy's. I really like the pleather detail on the collar and those brass button rock.  The top is a polyester lace. I bought that and the denim skirt form Dress Barn with a coupon. Together, they were under $30. It was comfortable and a little sassy. 

When I got home I changed for Youth Ministry tonight. The skinny jeans are from Dress Barn and the tunic top from Lands End at Sears. The costume jewelry is from Lane Bryant and the ballet flats from Target. Again a little bling goes a long way. 

I have received emails and FB messages asking if the PayPal button is still available. I cannot thank you enough for wanting to help our family take care of these practical needs for our daughter. I don't know how much the "Big Bertha" repairs will be this time. I will know more on Monday. 

We are so blessed. So, so very, very blessed by your kindness. To know that so many people who have selflessly reached out and loved our family in such a way brings tears to my eyes every single time.  We take these donations very seriously. Times are tough for everyone and we are humbled that you would choose to help us with these costs. Because of your generosity, we were able to take care of "Big Bertha's" last repair as well as increase our PT sessions to once a week. As a result, Miss Courtney is making incredible progress in regards to self-feeding and standing. 

If you feel called. here is the button. It is always on the side of the blog as well. I pray you have a fabulous Lords Day and are able to spend time with those you hold dear. I know I will. Have a great week my sweet readers. You are the BEST out there in blogland.

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