pretty, happy, funny, real ~ vol. 12...homemaking and miracles

I woke up with the grumpies this morning and am trying hard to shake them off.  It happens when I have a lot on my mind and heart, as I try to work through some worries in my life. I decided this morning to concentrate on what I could control and let go of what I cannot. I gotta say that it is so much easier said than done, but I am determined to give it my best. 

SO let's concentrate on the {pretty, happy,funny, real} shall we...


Jerry and I are marriage mentors at our parish. We assigned a couple from one of the priests and then we meet with them once a month for six months answering questions, counseling them and making sure they are fully prepared for entering into the sacrament. The priest that will marry them joins us once or twice along the way, as well as meeting with the couple on on one. We have been a part of this ministry for four years now and it is one of Jerry's and my favorite things to be a part of. 

Since Catholics are known for eating and praying, we usually share a meal with the couple before we talk about that months topic. My friend Marjanna's Mom is downsizing so I was the lucky recipient of this beautiful vintage strawberry table cloth from the 1950's. I love it. It's just the right mix of color for me. I used it this past week when we hosted our couple for dinner. I have a red ceramic plate service for four that I used to make it pop. So happy with the result. 


This is my comfy spot in Courtney's room. I spend many hours in this chair praying and reading while Miss Courtney is sleeping or not, depending on the day/night. You notice the two blankets, both made by her aunts, the pillow by her cousin and the little stuffies are from her big brother and her Grandma G. It's my happy place in the house. I always feel like Our Lady is sitting right next to me in the chair. 

The rosaries that are hanging on the light fixture are used all the time. They are actually "wall hanging" rosaries, but I use them with Miss Courtney because they are big enough for her to "hold" loosely in her hands without causing her pain of discomfort. I found them years ago at a homeschooling conference. One of my best purchases to date. 

I have also been hand quilting this little baby quilt while sitting by Miss Courtney's side, while listening to a story or praise and worship music. It's part of a giveaway next week for NFP Awareness week on Simcha's blog. So much joy in being a part of that event. 


This is the top of one of Courtney's dressers. It has a picture of the Sacred Heart that was next to my Dad's bed for years, one of Our Lady from my friend Therese and a little quote from another friend. The lemon candle is the third one in the last four weeks. Now that we have the in's/out's of our daughters gastro intestinal situation figured out, her "output" has increased which is great but leads to some very fragrant diapers. Thank you Meyer Lemon scent for saving me and my nose. 

LOL! Always keeping it real here at Chez Lenaburg. Meyer Lemon Candle for the win!!


Fourteen years ago our lives were forever changed after we took Miss Courtney to Lourdes, France on a healing pilgrimage with the Knight and Dames of Malta, Federal Assoc. You can read all about it in "My Story" link above

Our Lady moved us deeply and profoundly affected the next steps we took in our faith journey, as a couple and as parents. Courtney received her First Communion there in a dress the Dames provided her. We have been in and out of touch over the years with other pilgrims as well as the Dames and Knights from that trip. 

Tuesday we were once again floored by the generosity and kindness of those individuals who took such good care of us all those years ago. It is no coincidence that on the Heaven Homecoming Day of St Nicholas Borobia this new refrigerator/freezer arrived to help provide extra storage for Miss Courtney's special meals which have to be made with tons of fresh ingredients. It is no coincidence that when praying for this particular provision, we prayed for the intercession of St. Nicholas and St. Rebecca Irene Cotell with the job and in less than four weeks, it was provided through the benevolence of those who care for the sick. 

Tears stream, my heart bursts with gratitude and I am humbly once more raising my hands in praise to the One who is forever faithful. To the Knights and Dames of Malta, Federal Assoc, my spoken thanks seem insignificant but we are so grateful for your gift. St. Nicholas and St Rebecca Irene, please continue to pray for us! Thank you for your gracious intersession. 

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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