what i wore ~ vol. 61...yellow...

I have no idea what I am looking at...no idea. I obviously need a donut and a nap...pronto...

The last few days Courtney drama is catching up with us now. There is a LOT if sleeping/dozing/napping going on for all three of us at the moment. I guess it's par for the course. I am also a little weepy/emotional at the moment. I fight hard for that smile and sometimes it actually works.

This morning at Mass it held strong as people gently inquired about our girl and her well being. Have I eve mentioned how much we love our church home? St. Mary of Sorrows is filled with such awesome people who have lived and accepted our daughter from the first time we crossed the threshold in 1998. Up, down and all around, they have loved her and us through so much. I don't know how we would have gotten through without such strong prayerful support as well as so many helping to meet our physical needs as well. 

So a shout out to everyone I hugged this morning...love to y'all!You're the very best!!

Miss Courtney stayed home with Big Brother since he is off today Jerry and I slipped out for 9 a.m. Mass and oh it was so wonderful. Our dear friend, Deacon Marques preached and I needed every word. That darn boat the Lord has us on in this sea of tumult needs to stay upright and the only way that will happen is to get on my knees no matter what. God needs me to listen to His whisper in the wind.

Gotta get over to that mountain to be able to hear what He needs us to do next. He is the Captain of this here boat, so listen we shall. 

I wore yellow this morning. I have worn this dress a few times before. Here with my Navy sweater and different jewelry, and here with now sweater and yellow nails . I had forgotten that I styled it with Navy all three times. So next time, I am thinking hot pink or kelly green. That should work nicely. Time to stretch it a bit when it comes to color combos.

So there you have it. I will be back later today with a little update on the Courtney. She is smiling again. One day at a time. 

If you are able to help with Courtney's adaptive equipment, medical expenses or daily care expenses, know that we appreciate all your prayers and practical help. 


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