all in a days work...

Hey Y'all, 

How goes life in your world? I pray it's peaceful and productive but I know that's not always the case. 

For me, after an emotional weekend, followed by an exhausting Tuesday, I am plum exhausted. No tears today, just a feeling of overall tiredness and a general sense of blah. 

Descriptive right? 

Yep, that's me using ALL those SAT words in my vocabulary...ummmm...not so much. The brain, she is tired, very tired. 

So what to do to move myself forward this fine spring morning? I head to the kitchen and get to work. It's where I feel most comfortable besides my new #creative space (check out my gram feed to see photos). My husband and son live and die by their stomachs. 

Seriously, it's a thing. 

For twenty-seven years, the first question my husband has asked me each morning is "What's for dinner?". Today I plan to have an answer for him instead of "Ask me later". 

So far I have made orange and strawberry infused water, green iced tea with honey and mint and lightly sweetened black iced tea with lemon. Yes, my guys are serious about their tea. It also helps keep us on budget by avoiding the drive through during the day. Have tea/water will go anywhere. 

There is also cooked brown rice on the stove to complete my boys favorite chicken and rice casserole, Chicken w/Fried Onion Casserole. I have also opened up every window in the house to get rid of the sweat sock smell that comes from men who work out and leave their ripened laundry for me to do. That ripe laundry is now in the washer getting a shower of lemon love. 

Not bad for 9:50 a.m. 

Can I take a nap now? 

Ahhh nope. Not today. Gotta keep my butt moving. Just have to keep moving or else I will stop, sit and it's all over for the day. Too many books calling my name.  

There is too much to get done while I actually have a little energy. I am off to write more thank you notes (so behind on these), fold some laundry and maybe, actually, kind of put it away. 


I am superwoman. Here me roar...All in a days work. 

Yep, humble too.