31 days to whole ~ day four ~ what I wore ~ making peace with your body type...

The weather has changed in the last 48 hours and we are full on in Fall y'all. The air is crisp and a breeze is ruffling the leaves on the trees. We have also been experiencing some major rain fall these last few days making todays wardrobe choice a little more challenging than usual. 

I am wearing tights. Alert the media!! This 48 year old menopausal woman is wearing tights!! That tells you how chilly it actually is. I also stepped waaaaaayyyyy outside my fashion comfort zone and am wearing a pair of booties with a dress. 

It's cray cray around here. Seriously!! 

I layered things as well. I have on a jean jacket from Nordi's, my empire waist cotton dress from Land's End, tights from Lane Bryant and booties form DSW. The earrings and scarf are from Charming Charlies. Nothing is new. It's all from last year. 

Let's talk body image for a moment. As I have been making my way through this 31 Days to Whole adventure, I have spent a lot of time in meditation and prayer about where I am and how I feel about my body and all it's wonder. I, like many of you, have struggled for years to make peace with my body shape which has led me to really dive into learning about what looks best on my body. 

Nobody like to feel like a frump. Nobody. We all have our feminine moments where we want to feel beautiful. I am 5'10" and weigh 268 pounds. That sounds more like a middle linebacker for a football team than a lithe sexy woman. 

I have never been a delicate creature. God did not make me that way. We have talked about this beforeHe made me strong and on the larger side of life so that I could full fill one of the jobs He sent me here to do. To love and care for my girl Courtney. 

That doesn't mean I haven't abused my body or treated it with less respect than it deserves. I am working on that. That's what the 31 Days to Whole is helping me resetablish. A healthy perspective on what I put into my body to fuel it. 

But here's the thing, even when I have reached my goals, even when the weight that needs to come off does, I will still be an oval shaped girl. Just less fluffy and full. 

So how about we stop talking numbers and start talking love of self and shape and personality. How about we just look in that mirror and say "Thank you God for giving me this day to be your hands and feet." 

Let's do it shall we? Let's be at peace with where we are right now in this moment. Let's stop allowing the devil to whisper in our ear urging us to compare and feel less than. 

YOU ARE ENOUGH!! Right now, right where you are. Today in this moment God loves ALL of you. 

You are His beloved and He is yours! Now let's all start acting on that truth shall we? 

Now go and love...do your best...it's ALL God is asking of us. 

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