being grateful never gets old...

Life is never perfect. It's not supposed to be this side of heaven.

I have faced many tragedies in my life with my fathers death and my daughters death. I have struggled with finances, spending most of my adult life in debt, living from paycheck to paycheck. I have struggled with positive body image and my weight, choosing humor as a way to deal with things. I have had prayers answered immediately and some answered decades later and many answered only in a way God would understand. 

One thing that has always helped me in the midst of whatever drama I find myself in, has been to focus on having a grateful heart. I even spent 31 Days counting how many things/situations/people/etc. I was grateful for. 

I realized this past weekend that it has been waaaaaay too long since I have sat down and written out what/who I am grateful for, like way back in June 2015 long time ago. That is no mas good. 

So today I decided to rectify that right away. There is so much to be grateful for, not the least of which is #2321 - the electricity stayed on during Boris the Blizzard. with another storm headed our way tonight, I pray that will continue to be the norm. 

Gratitude is a powerful soul bending change that affects every aspect of my life, both physical, emotional and spiritual. In my darkest moments I held onto the fact that I was blessed with this life and ALL that came with is, the good, the bad and the heartbreaking. It's all part of God's plan for me and as I have endured and persevered through the madness I trust in the plan completely. I amy never understand it but I TRUSt the Lord to lead me through whatever trail that comes.  

I am so grateful for...
#2320 - #2354
~ heat, it's a beautiful thing
~ chocolate pudding, just as sweet as heat
~ the electricity staying on during Boris the Blizzard
~ warm quilts
~ socks and boots and flannel lined jeans
~ fuzzy and soft blankets to snuggle in while watching my favorite movie
~ hot water bottle at the foot of the bed on a particularly frigid night. 
~ hot soup and warm buttered bread
~ strong backs to shovel 30 inches of snow
~ my husbands job that provides health insurance
~ my son's work ethic
~ my job which challenges me everyday to seek Christ in everything I do. 
~ apple crumble pie with ice cream
~ clean laundry, folded and put away
~ warm sun shining on my face
~ independent contractors that came and shoveled our streets all during Boris the Blizzard. Amazing work gentleman. 
~ the joy of children's laughter as they sled and throw snowballs
~ my son, my husband, just because I love them so and only want the very best for them
~ strangers who continue to pray for my daughters soul and for my families healing
~ my Mother who taught me how to love and sacrifice with joy
~ a great football game played between two legends.
~ an even better game when my team won. 
~ my daily prayer time
~ periscoping for the first few times,
~ Hallmark Channel movies that make me laugh and sometimes even cry
~ fresh spinach, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs over easy
~ home appliances that work
~ an open window on a cold day so that the fresh crisp air is able to bring new life to a musty dry room.
~ to love and to be loved
~ life, no matter how complicated and overwhelming
~ the color blue. every time I see it, no matter the shade, I smile. 
~ friends who are willing to pray and sacrifice for me and my family. 
~ for the opportunity to raise money for Mary's Mantle...the Mama's and the babies are always on my heart. 
~ you faithful readers who still come to see how life goes. Y'all make me feel loved and supported no matter what is happening in my world. 
~ the Lord God Jehovah for his astounding grace and mercy

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